Your top 3 "WTF were they thinking" additions to the gameplay of Vanilla Marvel

Current Top 3 WTF’s Leaderboard (in order of WTFness)

1. XF
2. TAC’s
3. Hsien Ko

Now one of the big reasons why I love this game is that it has a lot of the cheap shit of the old games and offense is strong. No burst mechanics, one frame throws, tight block strings, game is old as dirt in its core mechanics unlike SFIV but has enough new things like XF to keep newer people from being left in the dust. With that said though just like true Marvel fashion there’s just some cheap ass shit in this game that annoys the hell out of people and it makes me wonder “how the fuck did this get past testing?”

Basically list your top 3 things that are total WTF about the gameplay in Vanilla and if you want list your top 3 things that you’d like to see out of the new game in general or your specific characters.

**1. XF1 lasting long enough to viably kill off 2 people. **Seriously? It’s one thing to have a comeback mechanic but WTF is a mechanic that doesn’t even let you get started? LOL. SFIV players complained about Ultras, Tekken players complained about Rage but those mechanics required strong knowledge of Calculus to use effectively compared to what it takes for Wolverine to turn on the ching and very likely get 2 people off the match. X-23 will probably still be able to do this absolutely guaranteed with Dante’s jam session assist except against 2 people even with the air XF change but at least she has to burn some damn meter.

2. Dark Phoenix getting access to a 20 second level 3 XF. Ok so I’m done beating up Wesker, Iron Man and regular Phoenix and didn’t get to her before the 5 bars (which happens sometimes…like all the time). Now I gotta face a 4th character that’s basically a completely broken version of a nearly broken character already and can’t be chipped, has just frame start up fireballs for jabs and my only recourse is to run to the corner and block for 20 seconds and pray? Oh and Capcom’s proposed issue of her losing health in DP is of course completely mitigated by XF. WAY TO DROP DAT BALL CAPCOM. They seriously must have been afraid she was going to suck.

3. Wolverine’s dive kick causing a ground bounce on standard hit and having a hit box the size of a typical American household. Um…I could see if that shit caused a ground bounce on a counter hit but this shit crosses up and will still get you a ground bounce in the air from a non counter hit? Really? I mean this probably isn’t going to go away because he needs that ground bounce when he does actual combos that don’t rely on spamming a kick in the air but damn. Oh and that hit box is probably bigger than Wolverine’s character model.

**Now 3 things I hope to see **

1. Shorter durations of XF across the board. I don’t really care what they do to normalize the damage or speed…it the shit just acts like Baroque where it just lasts long enough to give you a bit of a damage boost to get around in the fight instead of get close to winning the whole match that would help a lot. I’ve heard different numbers for the new durations of XF and as long as XF1 doesn’t last longer than 7 seconds and XF3 doesn’t last longer than 13 seconds I’m good. If XF3 lasts longer than 13 seconds there better be a definite tone in the damage.

2. Dante not being nerfed to shit. He really fits my play style a lot and although his Hammer was a bit too good I hope Capcom doesn’t see him as one of the Vanilla Sagat’s or Akuma’s of the game and flush him down the toilet with a new swiss cheese move to compensate.

**3. Nobody as easy to use as Wolverine running the game. **Plain and simple let’s try to make a game where somebody who is one of the best is harder to use than Vanilla Wolverine. I’m pretty sure he’s the easiest to use fighting game character of all time unless someone wants to correct me.

1. Shuma S- I’ve thought and thought and thought wh**y you can’t **get a combo off this, and I’ve just got no idea. MODOK get gets a full combo off of instant jump A but a rushdown mixup charecter doesn’t get to combo off of his instant overhead? The only thing I can think of was that they didn’t want to invest the development time in him and focus instead on more pressing matters, whatever they may have been at the time.

2. Chris’s Low Gun Doesn’t Hit Low- This is almost as bad as MvC2 command grabs being. . .not grabs.

3. Hsien-Ko’s Everything- Like Shuma, she must have been low priority, so she took the backseat in balancing and got her properties replaced with the sandbag from super smash brothers.

Wishlist other than what’s listed above-
**1. New Assist- **Some characters have near useless assist that could really be changed out for better moves. Why does Tron get boulder over any other of her astounding normals? Now that her fire is nerfed she’ll need that changed too. There are other I can’t recall at the moment, but I’m certain a little stroll through the charecter list could net me a decently sized list of useless assist. Hsien-Ko’s item throw is another that comes to mind.

**2. Assist more vulnerable on leave, but they take normal damage- **Not asking for a huge window here, but a change to the window in which you can punish Haggar or Tron assist would be much more welcome to me than a nerf to those assist. While it would make assist more vulernable, they’d be taking far less damaage than what they currently do, so it should all balance out.

**3. Activating nX-factor makes the opponents assist charecter drop out- **Yeah I never really liked the idea of X-factoring to kill off an assist and really thinks it’s far too heavy of a risk reward. Plus if you’re going to make assist more vulnerable, this has to go.

  1. X-23: Who The Flip Is That
  2. Tron: She’s A Little Girl So She Doesnt Have Boobes
  3. Hsien-Ko: Why Isn’t She Named Lei-Lei. Im So Mad

This Is Supposed To Be The Wildly Popular Smash Hit Bringing Craziness To The Versus Franchise. What The Flip "Crapcom’.

  1. SRK type assist being terrible anti air assist

  2. The damage on Photon Array Hyper

  3. X-Factor having 50% minimum scaling and a damage multiplier and everything else about XF

  1. The mindnumbing amount of moves that basically says “here, have a free combo”.

  2. The risk-reward of TAC skewed towards the aggressor too much.

  3. X-factor duration, damage multiplier, speed increase…you know what? Just X-factor.

Wolverine - Gotta make every person who plays the game a god in their own mind.
Hsien Ko - you know why.
Ammaterasu - really h,h,h,h,h,h,hh,h,h,h,h,h,h? - luckily her real shit takes some skill.

Hsien Ko
Dark Phoenix
Captain America

I actually though that the dumbest decision Capcom ever made was to remove Captain America’s shield infinite. Not only are they nerfing a guy that was already lackluster and unpopular, they nerfed him in the extreme stupid manner of reducing the hit shut of his best move. Honorable mention goes to Iron Man’s hit boxes, one of the biggest mystery in fighting game history and something that is harder to make sense than quantum mechanics.

People who still complain about wolverines obviously don’t play really good dantes/weskers/magnetos/zeros on a regular basis. Wolverine has so few options I still don’t know why people get caught by his obvious stuff like full screen berzerker slashes and dive kicks from the top of a super jump. Sure he is a good character and his combo’s were easy but no where close to the worst of the bunch. I’d fight good playesr with wolverine over good players with dante all day long even if dantes did day 1 BnB’s.

  1. The obvious lack of tools for half the roster to be competative. Looking at keep away characters losing in keepaway to dante/mags and others for instance. This or characters you can’t combo off grabs while the best ones can and so on.
  2. DHC and aerial exchange glitches, hell aerial exchange alone was to profitable especially with DHC glitch
  3. The slow down affect when an assist is hit, so annoying on both fronts.

Oh, I want to change one of mine to Chun Li’s hit-boxes! Kicking forward hits someone behind her! Awesome! Characters comboing her somehow end up on the other side of her for no good reason!

  1. shuma gorath’s command grab
    2:akuma’s retarded tatsu
  2. Shuma’s jump S

LOL. Funny shit so far. Seems like multiple people WTFing at Hsien Ko and Shuma. I didn’t play much of Shuma even though he was one of my faves in the old games but I hear he’s on the more underwhelming side.

Actually one of the things I was hoping for actually came true. Some guy posted in the Dante thread about playing Dante at comic con and somehow Capcom didn’t figure out that he was probably a little too good. His normals are actually FASTER now and the guy said he didn’t notice any immediate nerf on hammer. I know something else probably changed like his damage output or the amount of times he can OTG or whatever the fuck but…now I’m going to be able to poke with Dante at the speed of like Taskmaster and shit? LOLOLOLOL. Love Dante.

Shuma Gorath, X-23 and Tron actually being in the game( My only complaints about the roster)
X Factor being as ridiculous as it is.
The ridiculous amount of time that you have to OTG. I believe this is one of the reasons that damage output seems so high.

Wesker should say something about Global saturation when you win with him.

X-23 is my new favorite Marvel character so I can’t be having that in my thread.

Agree with everything else though. I wouldn’t mind Shuma or Tron not being in.

The ridiculous time you have to OTG more so correlates to how little you need to know about hit confirming to extend combos. It’s like the Ryu LP DP trade to ultra stuff from SFIV. Pop some popcorn, watch the intro for a movie, come back do the ultra…profit.

  1. Team Aerial Exchanges. I hate these damn things so damn much. Absolutely hate. I mean, let’s really look at them. You have a 66% chance of succeeding. If you succeed, you get A) Free and Safe Exchange, B) No loss of Red Life, and C) FREE HYPER METER! If you fail… you take minor damage, and reset the situation in such a way that the opponent can not follow up the counter with a meaty combo. Seriously? Seriously?
  2. X-Factor rewards you for losing members. I’d like it a lot better if the level of X-Factor depended on the total health your team had left, rather than the number of members. I’ve never liked using characters like cannon fodder, it just seems counter productive as all hell.
  3. And Presenting the character guested developed by Cave, of Dodonpachi fame: Level 3 X-Factor Dark Phoenix!
  1. XF3 Dark Phoenix. Just fucking retarded beyond belief. If you already burned your X-factor early on in the game or you lost both your characters before Dark Phoenix, you might as well just press the start button.
  2. Tron’s Gustaff Fire having no vulnerable frames before the hitbox comes out. This is one of the last moves I’d expect to be a “get off me” assist.
  3. Wesker having 1.1 million health. Why does this guy get so much health for all the options he has, combined with his above average damage output and speed?

Things I hope to see:

  1. True AAAs, either with invincibility or broken hitboxes ala CapCom AAA.
  2. Greater punishment if a TAC gets countered.
  3. Sent gets a health boost. The health nerf from 1.3 million to 910k was just far, far too excessive.

That’s the whole point. Compare this to MvC2, where the vast majority of low tier characters had their best damage output be crouch short -> launch -> magic series -> flying screen. Damage output is higher in MvC3, but the damage disparity is much better than it was in MvC2. As shitty as Hsien-Ko is, if she touches you twice, a decent number of characters are dead. Many low tier characters in MvC2 would just kill to be able to touch someone twice and kill a character.

Top 3 WTF’s:
[]When I realized Chun Li’s :d::l: doesn’t hit low. Seriously? Fuck.
]How bad everyone’s execution and decision making were. Apparently it’s super hard to hit confirm and do proper combos.
[]The difference between playing MODOK in training mode and playing MODOK against players. That first time blew my mind.
Top 3 things I hope to see:
]Phoenix, Wolverine, Dante, Magneto, Wesker etc remain great characters on dangerous teams, just a little weaker than they are currently.
[]An even weaker X-Factor
]Better defensive assists.

i had started to write a long post but i realized i didnt care enough to rant, so ill just say

  1. floaty feel in superjumping
  2. OTG windows giving me time to land, make a sandwich, take a dump, walk forward slowly and still combo after a knockdown
  3. 2.5d

top 3 things i hope to see

  1. Cable
  2. the return of “snap-to” feeling in launchxxsj
  3. Cable

You said Cable twice by accident. Sure you don’t wanna use that 3rd spot for something else? Like Cable with a new special move or Cable that is S+ tier?

oh, did i?


  1. Getting bodied by random/random/Phoenix
  2. Dark Wesker
  3. Finding out that Trish bodies most of the cast for free

Things i’d like to see

  1. Capcom not nerfing haggar(too late lol)
  2. Vergil being as good as Dante
  3. TAC reform