Your top 3 "WTF were they thinking" additions to the gameplay of Vanilla Marvel

Well at least now you can reform people’s meter when you TAC.

He might as well be called Dark Wesker. LOL. I heard someone say Dark Wesker seems faster too.

I would say XFC but thats already covered so.
1.Sents low B not Sent himself (Its self?) just his low B.
2.Low L leading into 100% combos for most characters and then they can just DHC glitch if they cant 100% you.
3.Zero’s jump H Seriously who looked at the move looked at the hitbox saw how easily you could make a nearly impossible to see crossup and said “Nothin’ wrong with that”

1.Mike “White Carlton Banks” Ross win MvC3 at Evo
2.CapCom with his exact MvC2 assist and turn into Dark CapCom if he dies with 3 meters…and a beserker slash.
3.3sO to come out sooner.

  1. Zoning being so terrible on the actual zoning/keep away characters
  2. XF and TAC being to of the scrubbiest mechanics I’ve ever seen

So far, from playing at Comic Con and watching many matches, Strider is on the path to be Wolverine status, just less health and a little harder to use but even better in the long run.

Even though I don’t use Spiderman he should have seriously gotten a “Spider Sense” move. Maybe make it a counter of some sort, or a charge super. Hell even Ryu got his Denjin

My top three WTF:

1. The way you call in your assist.
**2. Where are the simple backgrounds? **
3. No button configuration on character selection.

What I hope to see:

1. The way you call you assist.
2. Button configuration on character select screen.
3. Jin Saotome.
4. The last game Capcom makes and just do DLC with it.

this made me lol hard. quoted

  1. Wolverine. I could’ve played this character back in 1993 when I first played SF2 in my local Wal Mart and just did fireballs with Ryu from full screen 24/7. If you’re going to make a character this good, at LEAST don’t make it that easy to do stuff.
  2. Hsien ko. Where do I begin? Moves like she’s always aflicted by a slowdown hyper, hits like a rolled up newspaper, bleeds like a leukemia patient, people randomly fall out of her combos…wow. The most baffling part is that she’s in the same game as a character like Wolverine, and that this was found to be acceptable in terms of balance.
  3. A character like Magneto being able to out-zone a character like Chris with DISRUPTAH.

Things I would like to see:

  1. XF being toned down and refined, don’t want to see it useless but I definitely don’t want it to be how nowhere near how it is now. Like XF1 without scaling minimum and only duration increasing per level.
  2. Easier to see black outfits on the dark stages
  3. No one gets nerfed into oblivion

I have faith in Neo G

  1. the fucking stupid hitboxes that half the moves in this game have. Everything Zero and Wolverine do and then we have like 03i04192u8371324838 other moves that hit behind the person for no fucking reason

2.xfactor…you know where im going with this

3.the amount of braindead tactics in this game also astound me

runner up: the terribly sad laughable online and air throws being so stupid

now 3 things i would like to see

1.Gene (dont laugh at me capcom)

2.TAC deleted they are just stupid and random and STILL very reward > risk

3.fix the goddamn hitbox please!!! what trish whiffed her lighting hyper let me get behind her and get a free combo gets hit anyways

WTF Moments:

  1. The shear number of moves that hit behind the character that don’t look like they hit behind the character.
  2. The phenomenal number of odd trades that happen where even after consulting frame data you’re still not sure what happened.
  3. The tremendous # of characters where it comes down to picking their least bad assist

Bonus WTF Moment: How phenomenally retarded TACs are. The BlazBlue community has a joke that basically goes “How netplay was his netplay?” i.e. how much did the guy you where playing exploit a stupid system design choice that rarely if ever works offline but is godlike online. Now, many people are going to say netplay is ass and that it’s irrelevant but it, if nothing else, is a pretty good indicator of when a mechanic is really poorly implemented.

Double Bonus WTF Moment: Raw tags being overheads.

3 Things I would like to see:

  1. Raw tags not being overheads
  2. TACs simply being a tag. You’re already getting a free tag you don’t need extra meter, extra damage or meter draining.
  3. A better UI than they’re currently running out there.

The funny thing about Team Aerial Combos is that in earlier builds of Marvel 3 if you guessed correctly on it, you were allowed to completely reverse the situation and start a Team Aerial Combo of your own. Go ahead and look and some really early footage from when the game was first announced if you don’t believe me.

As for me, well… Top three things I can immediately think of:

**Viewtiful Joe **- Viewtiful Joe is just too weak in this game. I don’t get why Capcom made no effort to make him viable outside of giving him Viewtiful God Hand. I understand his poor range is a characteristic of the character just by nature, but I would have figured Capcom would have made efforts to give him things that made up for that.

He’s got good mobility, a good projectile**, **and Viewtiful God Hand is a great hyper, but he really needs more than that. Health and damage output are relatively low and he just kind of pales in comparison to his Tatsunoko vs. Capcom counterpart. In think Marvel 3’s Joe is more fun, but Tatsunoko’s Joe is definitely more of a threat. I love the amount of invincibility on Mach Speed (Please don’t take this away!) but it prorates way too much. I can’t really say exactly what he needs but he needs something. Mainly a damage boost?

Chris Redfield - Why is a character designed for keepaway so mediocre at keepaway? He’s overall incredibly sluggish, he has no mobility whatsoever, his special moves have too much start up and recovery… I could go on, but the main is having only a single action per jump before landing. One Gun Fire, one j.:d::H:, that just sucks so bad for him.

He’s good in X-Factor, he has a good amount of health, and his damage output is great, but like Joe he just needs something to prevent him from being so weak in comparison to the rest of the cast.

X-Factor - This one is pretty obvious but one of the main things that confuses the hell out of me about X-Factor is why there are character specific stat boosts and how awful the balancing is for all of them. Good characters still have really good X-Factors and weak characters are just as bad in X-Factor? Ridiculous.

I want to see buffs to Joe and Chris as well as some major X-Factor tweaks to make it less ridiculous.

Stuff that doesn’t bother me, but surprised me to see:
-Sentinel having so much health
-Sentinel having so little health
-Disruptah so fast
-Akuma can combo off fwd+M
-Shuma talking
-X23 being so hot I almost asked a compact disc out on a date (didn’t ask, fear of rejection, etc)
-How well balanced the game is. Yes Im dead serious. You’ve got 38 characters in a crazy Marvel style game and only one or two are legitimately problematic? That’s a fuckin’ victory right there. Sabre wins tournaments with Hsein Ko on point. He’s not gonna take EVO or anything, but in a world of Weskers and Magnetos and Phoenixes, that’s saying something.

Stuff that kinda pisses me off:
-All the restrictions on calling assists. Cool off times, inability to call assists during this or that, etc. THIS AND ONLY THIS is why zoning tends to be ineffective in general. To this day I’m still astounded by times when I hit an assist button and nothing happens. This is my biggest pet peeve in the game. If this were improved, I wouldnt give a shit about Phx or X-F or anything.
-Morrigan’s dash game so much weaker than CvS2 or VS
-Wolverine’s dive kick able to cross up. I have no issue with it otherwise.
-Doom only getting one photon array per jump. Uggghhh.
-Ineffectualness of super jumping. I’m glad to see normal jumps buffed, but I hate the lack of turnaround, the floatiness, the lack of assist calling, and the fact that attacking from a super jump is basically beaten out but any random button press.
-Phoenix killing skill differentials. I think she was really well designed overall, but it’s really annoying that the weaker player can beat the much stronger player because of her. Phun phact: If I played Justin Wong 10 games w/ a Phx team and he was a non-Phx team, he wouldn’t 10-0 me. And that’s RIDICULOUS.
-Captain America’s design. 37 out of 38 characters are beautiful and fluid. Cap is clunky and awkward, and it’s annoying.

1.chun has no air super, no otg move and her cr.L doesnt hit low… WTF
2.rawtags are overheads so when i try to bait an obvious one i cant downback and instead have to standblock and then my opponent gets a dash in cr.L into me being dead… so i decide not to bait rawtags at all since the risk/reward is skewed… WTF.
3.arthur has no dash… WTF
4.mag L disruptor… WTF
5. berserker slash… WTF hitting my assist button and nothing happens… WTF is an AA… WTF

8… THE COMPLEX BAR… seriously as if marvel didnt have enough wtf moments in it i get this damn bar randomly once a day telling me to put it down… i will put it down… by mashing on x as fast as possible.

and the new equalizer graphic brings the trolling to a premium annoyance… o complex bar… why you gotta troll me so hard… WTF


  1. x factored dark phoenix mash crouching light for 60%+ health. are you fuckin serious? and it goes under/avoids a lot of attacks

  2. the dog. you’re putting a religious figure in the game with stupid priority on everything, hard to hit, and an unblockable slow super.

  3. super skrull having a shitload of useless/situational/low to no priority moves. d/f h has like almost no hitbox, charged up h, c.h, air s also have a pitifully small hitbox and tenderizer is only good for combos. this dude should have been like sim with a flaming rock fist.

honorable mentions

  1. chris redfield being ass. why is his normal and melee capability so shitty? he was knocking out majinis left and right in resident evil yet in mvc3, he has the crappiest priority in the game. and why cant he fire his handgun straight and not in an angle?

  2. storm taking an eternity to throw out air typhoons.

  1. Marvel
  2. vs. Capcom
  3. 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

wow i cannot believe i actually forgot that they also need to fix that dumb shit. if you character is about to die and we are in a neutral position why should are they going to raw tag or dash up low attack be a mixup really? its just another thing thats “fucking stupid”

  1. XFC3+2
  2. How some of the herp derpish tactics were so godlike
  3. TAC’s

wish to see

  1. XFC not be a total game changer (like going from shit to winning in 10 seconds) but still hold a little weight in the decision of when you use it and what not.
  2. Make the retard one button ghetto mixups not so strong (like actually make them spacing dependent or something)
  3. TAC’s need wayyyyyyy more risk for the reward. They make terrible players feel like they are doing some super cool long advanced combo and give them 1030982409832842098 meter for doing absolutely nothing. If they get countered? Who cares! Not like they will be punished!
  1. its to easy to hard tag and get away with it
  2. phoenix is a great concept just impossible to balance, she’s either gonna be op, or not playable.
  3. x factor level 2 and 3. just make a standard level x factor. No need to make it get stronger if you have less characters. even xf1 could provide the tool you need to make a awesome comeback.

I stopped playing this game a while ago but here’re what I’ve experienced
1.x-factor Dark Phoenix, the fact that standing in front of the enemy and mashing L for 2 seconds and then teleporting to the other side and doing the same is fast enough to be a legit strategy is ridiculous.

  1. Wolverine being better than x-23 in pretty much everything she does

  2. Hsien-ko, her current state wouldn’t have survived in a street fighter game let alone a marvel game.