Your top 3 "WTF were they thinking" additions to the gameplay of Vanilla Marvel

Sure I’ll go.

#1 - **No Spectator Mode - **This one takes the cake as one of the things I first noticed. Something that everybody would figure to be there but wasn’t, made Capcom look lazy.

#2 - **XF3 Sentinel - **Moreso the fact that I noticed XF3 being absolutely absurd at times, it got to the point where every team had a 1.3 million health XF3 Sentinel just destroying everything in its path. Capcom heard the cries and nerfed his health, but the dmg had already been done. XF3 Sentinel without health nerf was ridiculously overpowered.

#3 - **TAC - **Ugh, and it builds meter which entices scrubs to play that style. I don’t find it fun guessing my opponents command switch, it fustrates the hell outta me when I play people who TAC all the time.

I still don’t understand why Hulk can only withstand one hit during his hyper armor, but Sentinel can withstand multiple.

Well at least it follows in tune with her story in the comic/game. Well…maybe not after Wolverine’s best move becomes swiss cheese.

Mainly due to the difference between super and hyper armor. All of Hulk’s armors are one hit super armor based. Hyper armor is different in that there is no amount of attacks that will stop the armor. The armor once active will keep absorbing things until the physical attack releases though only one of Sentinel’s normals has this property (s.S). His other armor normals are super armor based meaning they’ll absorb up to a certain number of hits (usually between one and 3) before being outprioritized. Thats’ why Tron’s normals easily tear through Sent’s armor.

My turn!

  1. Tag attack being an overhead

  2. Ryu and Captain America’s assist DPs not being invulnerable on entry, yet Tron’s Gustaff Fire assist is.

  3. Overly generous OTG timeframe

+1 for 2-hour OTGs

Also, Aerial Exchange Combos being relatively safe and not costing meter, Hitstun deterioration ruining combos, and Wesker.

  1. I still can’t beat Sentinel
  2. Where’s Megaman
  3. Waa waa waa whine whine whine
  1. Hsien Ko’s design. Poor girl(s).
  2. The duration of X-factor, and the benefits some character’s get.
  3. Ammy/ Magneto’s airthrow. - Lol

What I’d like to see:

  1. Toned down X-factor.
  2. Teeny Damage decrease across the board.
  3. Less benefits from the easy TACing, or refine it.


  1. OTG window way too big
  2. hit stun way too big on stupid ass moves like crouching L’s
  3. combos way too long; spending half the match getting your ass beat while not being able to do anything is not fun.


  1. I’m not an advocate for combo breakers in fighting games, but I think this game could seriously use it. Something like 2 or 3 meters to break a combo or something, akin to Mortal Kombat 9. There are too many ways to open people up in this game, combined with easy OTG combos, making for long bouts of sitting around watching your ass get shredded. Again, not fun.
  2. better zoning options for zoning characters
  3. fix TAC, everyone knows its bullshit

I’ve been meaning to make a thread like this myself, but seeing as I’m not really a regular around here, it would have probably gotten locked. So… Thanks!

1. Noob Friendly Mechanics - TAC, Disruptor, Berserker Slash, Amy’s H, teleporting without consequence, the HUGE range some characters have (Seriously, wtf?), and more.

2. Rock Paper Motherfucking Scissors - How do you beat a rush down team? Pick Haggar or Tron (Or don’t let them get the first hit/corner you). How do you beat a keep away team spamming Dante, Deadpool, Magneto, or someone else better at it than the actual keep away characters? Pick someone with a teleport. How do you beat XF3 Phoenix? Get lucky. How do you beat Hsien-Ko? Pick ANYONE!

3. Limited Assist Calling and Limited Useful Assist - Can I call an assist while blocking? Please? Maybe put em a bit behind me to let the other player to know to BACK OFF? Oh, you don’t want that? So it’s okay for Amy to spam assist all day while she H-humps me and I try to get her off with me an advancing guard but not be able to call my own assist to get her off me because her assist has me stuck in block? Thanks, I really appreciate that.****

I can’t really say much about a wishlist. I’d like to see super jumping removed and fly height limited, but I doubt that’d ever be considered. Just means we’ll be seeing more Trish keep away.**

This, this, and also this. I already mentioned it in my post, but I’m quoting it because it bears repeating. It’s the only thing I really care about, complaint wise. keep your Wolverine and your X-factor. Just reduce the cool off time and not restrict my assisting so much please.

After watching that MVC2 video I just realized there was actually a time where you didn’t have to wait 3 to 4 seconds to call the same assist again.

Top 3 WTF

  1. TACs being completely mindless with no way to punish them. In the 2010 Comiccon build, if you counter it, you get a full combo on the opponent, which is really the most sensible way to go about TAC IMO, but no, instead when you counter them they just get a soft knockdown in which you can’t even punish them AT ALL until they roll back into their original stance.

  2. The top 2 characters being braindead easy to use. Wolverine. Dive Kick with a stupidly big hitbox and HerpDerp Slash into 650k that my little 5 year old cousin could probably do. Phoenix being Phoenix and horribly hard to beat if her player knows how to block and airdash correctly.

  3. No turning while you super jump.

Top 3 Things I’d like to see

  1. NO UNNECESSARY NERFS. Why is Tron’s j.H nerfed out of all things. She’s fucking useless now, and she wasn’t even that great to begin with. I don’t even use Tron and this bugs me. Also if all of Magneto’s advanced combos are actually nerfed to shit, that’s bullshit too. Hyper Grav loops, I can understand them getting rid of and I’m fine with it, but don’t ruin a ROM combo that people take weeks to learn. It only does like 500kish damage anyways. My meterless Zero BnB does about that much, and it’s not even execution heavy.

  2. Vergil. Make him top tier.

  3. If you counter a TAC, you should be able to get a full combo on the opponent.

Current Top 3 WTF’s Leaderboard (in order of WTFness)

1. XF
**2. TAC’s **
3. Hsien Ko

  1. lolsentinel pre & post nerf.
  2. Wesker’s normals - but I bet if people could see the hitboxes of all the characters in this game, they’d probably punch Seth in the face to send a message.
  3. Wolverine - what everyone hates about this character

Although I was a fan of past Marvel games, I wasn’t big on Marvel 2. I’m probably one of the few people who you won’t hear complain about x-factor, though I feel it could use a nerf ever since characters like Wolverine exploited it. I don’t mind comeback mechanics, but it is a bit beyond crazy.

What I’d like to see:

  1. A slightly buffed X-23 who doesn’t get her specials canceled out by stuff like Wesker j.S (vs neck slice) and Wolverine s.L (vs L talon dive). She needs a good ground special attack that doesn’t have an 18-45 frame startup so she won’t be so assist dependent. A part of me wishes she could do 2 talon attacks in the air instead of 1. Her s.H could use either a better hitbox or could simply be much faster so it can be a less risky anti-air/poke cause it’s really too slow. That’s all i really want.

  2. Don’t nerf Ammy. She’s balanced.

  3. Night time stage (S.H.I.E.L.D.) lightened up.

Exactly. I didnt even realize there was a cool off thing for my 1st week w/ the game, I just thought I was fucking up some how. IMO this is precisely why keepaway and zoning strategies arent as effective. When someone’s rughing you hard, you can’t call out a defensive move then wait 4 seconds before u call it out again. So annoying. My only complaint.

  1. Moves that have no right to be hitting behind the character hitting behind. Zero abuses this shit like a motherfucker.
    3.Trish being able to cancel divekick with hyper on whiff. “Oh so you wanna stay in the air all day and then dive kick down?” Wesker Rhino Charge “HEH HEH BYE BYEEE” >:(

I used to think Trish was a joke, then I went against my first successful keep away Trish. She made me really wish Dante didn’t build so much meter…

XFactor - Good idea done horribly
TAC - I don’t even do normal TACs, I just do the glitch with She-Hulk and Ammy and even that’s stupid.
DHC Glitch - I was on of the people who “defended” it because I was tired of seeing ignorant scrubs try to make shit up about it (like trying to say it limited character selection, when it clearly didn’t), but I’m glad it’s gone.

Vergil - Make him as good as Dante
Dante - Don’t nerf him, he’s one of the few characters in the game that actually require training mode to learn
Phoenix - A better Phoenix nerf. The current one makes her garbage but she can still get bullshit wins by mashing cr.L. They didn’t fix the problem at all.
Snap Ins - Make them actually worth doing.
Sentinel - Help the poor robot. First you make him godlike, then you turn him into tin foil.

1.TAC are so stupidly annoying there is no risk in doing it because EVEN IF YOU COUNTER IT YOU CAN’T DO SHIT AFTER COUNTERING IT and they make scrubs feel like they are gdlk
2.Air throws being so gdlk leading to death most of the time, and they are pretty difficult to counter as well

1.TAC’s being risk free.
2.X-Factor feels fundamentally flawed.
3.Some of the character balances are just crazy. The fact that Dante and Hsien-Ko exist on the same roster is a huge WTF.

What I would like to see.

  1. More risk for TAC’s.
  2. Better GTFO Assists.
  3. Balance changes for certain characters including new moves. I want to be able to throw grenades in the air with Chris Redfield.