Your top 5 avs with "substance"

I’m not talking a narcotic substance, a sticky substance or anything like that. I want to see some avs with artistic substance, post them up. Joke posts will be deleted.

Avs that we made or avs that we’ve seen on the net somewhere?


both of yours are pretty cool

these were made by me

Since avs with substance is an oxymoron…there shouldn’t be any posts consisting of avatars at ALL.

ps this is TigerGenocide’s theory first. I did not steal it.


That was my theory.

What exactly do you mean by substance – a meaning? a concept/idea (beyond just looking cool?) a “message?”

STFU and post your avs already.

I would post the ones i think but…I do not know where i could find them. Only possible place would be the artist computer. I loved my first av…wasnt done by me or anything, i got it off creative mindz. Case anyone wants to know it was the one with jay and silent bob smoking with a monkey. Also the ones tmt did like 2 years ago…i belive it was for the guy that said he would pay 2 buks for " Top tier " avatars.

Not exactly. I think what he means is both “intent”, and “expression” ( which can be interpreted as “result”).

You see. Most avatars are created for fun, and with one or both common traits: “devotion” and “personality”.

  • Devotion: (or fanboyism) What I mean by this is that most people will place something in their avatar that they covet or admire or are a fan/zealot of. For example, when some one his a very big sports fan and very into their favorite team, they might put something in their avatar that shows that – or they wear a jersey or cap or whatever. Or if they are very into a specific game or specific character, they will put them into their avatar. So, perfect example, being into Fighting game genre, you might expect to see Ryu, Terry, etc. in the avatar.

  • Personality: A lot of avatars depict certain traits or characteristics of the person who uses the avatar. After all, that’s actually what an avatar is there for. It’s a digital representation of the person’s persona. Though it’s often quite subtle. An example of this would be a dark and depressive or sad avatar might suggest the user has that kind of personality. While a light and friendly avatar might suggest likewise about the owners personality. My current avatar isn’t trying to say that I’m a raging bull (because, of course I’m not), or that I look anything like a bull – it’s really just hinting to my inner personality of being random and a spazz and a simple-minded goof.

Now, back to the artistic substance. Most avatars don’t (and TG is suggesting none) have any artistic intent or expression.

And before you jump the gun on that, please let me explain.

Intent and expression is really just forms of emotion, idea, and vision. This can be done on whatever size or type of canvas, it can be anything. It can be a traditional size canvas, a marble boulder, a stack of tires, or even a napkin. Whatever. But the point is that they have a lot of inner feeling and emotion and an idea and they put it into physical form so that others can share it. The most obvious form of art that people can relate to on this level is music, since music sort of forces or intensifys a feeling and makes you feel a certain way (like the blues make you feel sad, etc).

Extremely gifted artists are just so good at it that the result is simply profound and it has a profound effect on people. So profound that other artists and art lovers will even label the style as a type of movement and try to mimic and admire the work for years. Art movements such as: Surrealism, Realism, Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Modernism, Art Deco, etc.

What seperates a piece of art and a masterpiece is that a masterpiece portrays a state of mind in a profound way. [edit]: Mind you, the reason I say “piece of art vs masterpiece” is because it’s so easy to call just about anything art, but that doesn’t really make it so.

It’s very very rare to find an avatar that contains any sort of real artistic substance, because that’s not really what they are there for. I’m not saying it’s impossible, it’s just not likely, since most people are perfectly content with the main two ingrediants to an av (devotion/fanboyism and personality).

what son.

the substance in this is HELLA STRONG, so interpret it accordingly.
can’t see it? nooez you’re no artist, GTFO this thread.


That shit is just profound!


:rofl: Too good.

I like when artists make these type of paintings and then name it something like, " The neverending journey of a farmer in search of his fleeting Soul."

You should name it Slide!

Check it.

I call it, I call it Sorrow and Hope’s Struggles.

You see, it’s because the blues struggles through the white light known as hope, and hope surrounds the sorrow and struggles in this piece. however, sorrow is also wrapped around hope hence the border. this shows why hope tends to be bottle up inside those that show sorrow on the outside. sorrow has gotten to the point where it battled hope which is why you see the slash mark. HOWEVER… sorrow could not take control of the battle versus hope, and THAT, is why you see the slash going upward, it lost control. OR, one can interpret that as sorrow trying to retreat to the outside and regroup. maybe escaping?

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I think it’s fitting. :tup:

This one really speaks to me.


You’re clearly a poser. Because the really feeling from it is “eloping” with me. Speaking to you is so basic…so newb.


But I hear things, and it reached out and grabbed me and like, encompassed my being into one celestial blob of understanding.

'yall can kiss my ass. TG asked for a top 5 list and none of you bitches have even produced one. LOL :xeye:

(this is not a serious post)