(Your) Top 5 Best/Worst Match-ups for Abel

Rather than actual poll, or forum vote, etc., in this thread you post your top 5 best & worst match-ups for YOUR Abel. They can be equal, but must be limited to 5. (So you could have 5 characters in your Beast match-ups section, but have 3 all equally easy, and the other two second hardest, OR, the fourth second hardest and the fifth third hardest).

Also, feel free to state which bracket you are in and why each match-up is that level of difficulty.

Example #1:

  1. El Fuerte
  2. Vega
  3. Dan
  4. Camy
  5. Gouken


  1. Zangief
  2. Ryu
  3. Sagat
  4. C.Viper
  5. Ken

Example #2:

  1. El Fuerte
  2. Vega
  3. Dan
  4. Cammy
  5. Akuma


  1. Ryu
  2. Sagat
  3. Zangief
  4. C.Viper
  5. Rufus

Best - shotos
Worst - 1. Boxer 2. Boxer 3. Boxer 4. Boxer 5. Honda

viper: the dmg difference is key, as is knowing some of her tricks(I have messed around with her a lot and focus attacks are your friend)
Boxer(I know his tricks well and I actually enjoy this match)

ZANGIEF ZANGIEF even with wakeup tt he has a huge advantage
Ryu(when good with dp into ultra and tech throws I hate it!)
other Abels haha
competent Blankas



  1. Vega/Claw
  2. Gouken
  3. Ken
  4. Sagat
  5. Akuma


  1. Zangief, dur.
  2. Ryu (lol I space u)
  3. Dictator
  4. Boxer
  5. E. Honda


  1. Scrubby Kens
  2. Fuerte (Haven’t played many good ones)
  3. Gerkin (Yes, Gerkin – again, only played useless ones)
  4. Sagat
  5. Akuma


  1. Zangief
  2. Ryu
  3. Dictator
  4. Chun Li (Don’t know this matchup at ALL)
  5. Boxer (Even though it’s hard, I enjoy this one)



  1. Geif
  2. Another Abel
  3. Chun
  4. Ryu
  5. Seth (a good one)


  1. Gouken
  2. ElF (haven’t faced many good ones)
  3. Ken
  4. Akuma
  5. Ryu


  1. Vega (wat do i do lol)
  2. Boxer (a good boxer will rape me silly)
  3. Blanka ( :l )
  4. Chun
  5. Gief (I’ve been winning against Gief a lot more than usual now, but still a tough match)

1.) Cammy
2.) Elf
3.) Honda
4.) Boxer
5.) Blanka

1.) Gief
2.) Ryu
3.) Akuma
4.) Sagat
5.) Seth

1.) Crappy Ryu
2.) Crappy Ken
3.) Crappy Sakura
4.) Crappy Cammy
5.) Crappy Sagat

1.) Good Ryu
2.) Good Ken
3.) Good Sakura(I got trounced by a female player today, well atleast I think it was a female anywho I ended up a little turned on.)
4.) Good Cammy
5.) Good Sagat
and everyone else that gives Abel fits.

Best -
and Fei Long.

Just to add, shitty predictable Zangiefs, theres nothing more satisfying than TTing their Ultra. It helps keep me sane sometimes >_>

Worst -
Zangief (lol),

Basically anyone who can zone/runaway well gives me fits, with the exception of Zangief since he is a dirty russian whore.


  1. Sakura
  2. flowchart kens
  3. Akuma
  4. Goken


  1. Gief
  2. Blanka
  3. Sagat
  4. M.Bison the dictator
  5. E honda


  1. Gouken
  2. Dhalsim
  3. Boxer
  4. Claw
  5. Guile


  1. Zangief (the poke smart kind not the lariat spam)
  2. Bison
  3. Blanka (not really a worst…but worse than my best matchups)
  4. Chun-Li
  5. Ryu


  1. Ken (Enough experience)
  2. Ryu (Same as above)
  3. Sagat (Same as above)
  4. Akuma (They cant withstand TThrow; enormous damage)
  5. Dhalsim (Yoga phail)


  1. Zangief (Even the Lariat spam)
  2. Blanka (Cant seem to do anything)
  3. Abel (I hate mirror matches)
  4. C.Viper (They move constantly; they never turtle -> TThrow fails.)
  5. Boxer (Annoying pokes!)


Preferred matchups:

  1. Gouken
  2. Sagat
  3. Abel
  4. Guile
  5. Dhalsim

Least preferred matchups:

  1. Gief
  2. Ryu
  3. Blanka
  4. Dictator
  5. Chun

I cant believe these post lol.

Abel actually has no good matchups or very few ( where he wins like 7-3 or even 6-4

There are a few matchups i feel comfortable with ( ryu ken gouken ) but even they are hard to win probably 5-5.

I think most of you guys don’t have experience against good players who know abel.
seriously abel has to work really hard to win.

I’m in G2B btw


Tell that to Shiro.


Thanks for stating the obvious though. Though I admit some of the reasons people gave are hilarious. :rofl:

Yes, Gerkin

This is what I think of every time I play that old fool

lol @ harassing people for posting what they feel is their best and what is their worse match up. As though you know the people they play against or their skill level personally.

I’m pretty sure there was no point when the thread was renamed “New official tier listings for all Abel matches lololololol” so it’s ok if people feel differently then the apparently set in stone tier listings, that only take into account two equally skilled opponents at high level play, when they are talking about their personal experiences.

I mean ffs this thread is all opinion, nothing but opinion. This isn’t a thread that even warrants a “I can’t believe these posts.” It’s not like this is a thread about how awesome it is to h.k wheel kick all the time because it’s so super safe or a thread on why sweeping all the time without canceling it is totally awesome for Abel. This is just some people discussing what they experience when they play. You are in no place to tell people what they experience, so why not go troll posts that deserve it?

i’m not trying to harass anyone.

I really can’t believe these post. I’m in the same grade as most and have a difficult time almost every fight + the comments some ppl give are insane !

atleast i added something to the thread unlike you.


  1. Balrog < just have so much fun fighting him
  2. Akuma
  3. C.viper
  4. Gouken
  5. Ken


  1. Sagat
  2. Zangief
  3. Ryu
  4. Dalsim
  5. Bison