Your Top 5 favorite/most useful Dante Special Moves so far

We all know he has like 40 moves, but which 5 moves are the main ones you use/enjoy the most? Mine are:

  1. Jet Stream
  2. Fireworks
  3. Teleport
  4. Skydive
  5. Crystal

Might change as I use him more!

3.Killer Bee
4.Air trick
5.Bold Move

  1. Air Trick
  2. Bold Move
  3. Volcano
  4. Killer Bee
  5. Reverb Shock (with Fireworks)

No love for the Hammer yet? Been trying to work it in more, afterwards you can land volcano (623 M) jump cancel revolver (2147 M) and either relaunch or hit heavy, reverb shock (214 L) fireworks and super. It’s also invincible until you touch the ground, and something ridiculous like +20 on block. The guide book has a whole write up on that move, start using it. Easier to land than you might think, and even if you don’t land it you can still get up in that ass with ridiculous frame advantage. Work it into your teleport and command hop mixups, at least.

Million Carats

Saw that video, any other uses for million carats that don’t involve X factor cancels? I’ve seen it used in a couple of combos also, but I’m wondering about general offensive use.

Killer Bee (*Particularly *after baiting with Rain Storm)
Hysteric (Annoying in the best way)
j:s:(Helm Breaker) (With Wild Stomp xx Prop Shredder you have to keep this in mind)
Weasel Shots (Retreating version saved my ass a few times, standing version keeps em honest)
Drive (Doesn’t hurt much, but it is currently unexpected and it’s the closet thing to a traditional projectile for Dante)


Homing missles + Sent drones or Doom missles - stops a whole lot of rushdown, chips good, stops super skrulls teleport’s, haggar from mounting almost any offense at all, she hulk from getting close, bionic commando (if he doesn’t have bionic arm available), etc… If the opposing character doesn’t have a good super it’ll mess up their day. If occasionally stops teleports as well.

Air Play (Air Lightning Ball) - Give Dante some time to breath in the air, completely engulfs Dante’s homing missles (in a dante to dante fight) and other mini projectiles. Good because it’s one of Dante’s only options to escape chip damage after Sj’ing, you also have a lot of options afterward.

Teleport + Sent Drones, Ammy Cold Star - RTSD.

Helm breaker - If an opponent SJ’s and think they can stop the rush down, they should think again. Helm breaker is great in an SJ to SJ battle because it gets Dante down to the ground before the opponent. It stuffs alot. I’d like to know if it can stuff Dragon punches. As previously mentioned it can go into Wild Stomp, Shredder, into air combo, into Million Carats. This move also hits behind Dante. Very deceptive, because if the opponent thinks they are out of harm’s way, and stand ready to attack Dante from behind, they will still probably get hit. If the corner is to your back and you Sj’ing then this move might be for you.

Fireworks - This move is so fucking safe it’s not even funny. I think the person has to have an invincible super to hit Dante during this (bionic arm), I could be wrong. It can cancel into his million carats super easily. So many things can cancel into fireworks, so it becomes safe just throwing most of the moves that lead to it.
Underused moves *

Spinning Nunchuks - Terry Bogard’s Crack shoot. Decent Anti-air move. I randomly throw this out at times when the opponent is in block string because it slows me enough to stop the combo, but gives me enough protection to hit. A little mix up…Anyways, cancellable into fireworks.

Nightmare Beta - good for chip damage. Great for homing when completely charged. Nobody wants to hold charge however. They would play Zero for that…Good if you have time for it, i.e. opponent SJ’s and is trying to run away. Again, if someone Sj’s you can teleport and use helm breaker…So good for opponent’s that call doom aaa, Sj and try to keep away. Probably has good uses versus taskmaster with doom aaa and tron aaa.

Beowulf’s ground punch (Volcano) (dragon punch with lp) - good for jumping after someone blocks your string.

Worst moves -

The Spinning guns in the air - It does have some uses, I get it to hit alot, good for OTGing after air grab??? But if it isn’t canceled while SJ’ing dante’s a sitting duck until he lands. Extremely long recovery! I guarantee that most of the time anyone gets this it’s because they’re mashing h after teleport.

Projectile Ice - horrible range. No protection. Decent OTG if anything.

Surrounding Ice Cage - Anti-air right? Well, why not teleport and get above your opponent? Useful as a taunt. You couldn’t touch me even if you tried hahahaha.

Ground Agni and Rudra - Leaves Dante open as all hell. Hope to hell you can cancel into fireworks before they get a chance to hit you and they will.

Jet Stream - Stops Dante’s rush down. Better than Ice Cage. Good for SJ anti air. Rather teleport.

Weasel Shot - Don’t see the use to this move. A lot of Projectile moves beat it out. Deadpool’s guns, Chris’s Guns, Trish’s round trip, Uni beam, etc… I think this barely goes through a hadoken. More importantly it stops Dante’s Rushdown game. It could be used to chip from far away, but why not opt to use Missles, super or teleport? If you are going to chip you are better off doing Dante’s basic combo, lp, mp, hp, stinger, million stab, reverb shock, fireworks, million carats, plus assist.

Hysteric versus X-23’s Silent Kill = hilarity ensues. Hysteric followed by Air Trick is also really good and probably my most overused tactic.

Weasel Shot I’m pretty sure is supposed to punish people who try to push block and then punish. If they push block your h and you hit them with the standing one, you can cancel it into Prop Shredder and then start an air combo. The back one can be comboed into Stinger.

Rain Storm is pretty decent for when you’re directly above your opponent and falling down. If they’re trying to time an anti-air you’ll likely hit them out of it. It does good chip and you can usually Killer Bee out of it to safety, if not into a combo.

Jet Stream should pretty much always be canceled into Devil Trigger, in my opinion, hit or block. On block it makes it safe and on hit it lets you go into a full combo.

Twister/Tempest/Million Carats/Jam Session all do a good job of stopping projectiles. You could do one of those moves to eat a projectile, cancel them into Devil Trigger, and then go to town if you didn’t want to just use Million Dollar. Maybe DHC out of Devil Trigger, too, for a safe character switch? Twister/Tempest/Million Carats also seem like legit counters to Hysteric + Air Trick in mirror matches or similar teleport + projectile set ups.

Personally, in actual fights I’m a bit over-dependant on Hysteric, Air Trick, Killer Bee, and Jam Session, with random charged Multi-Lock and Air Plays thrown in, but I’m trying to work more of his moveset in. Bold Move kind of annoys me since it seems like they could have just made all the moves you can Bold Move cancel jump-cancelable, but I’m still trying to find uses for it.

Crystal is positive on block at least, so it can be good to stagger your blockstrings with once in a while, especially when you have them cornered and won’t get pushblocked back as far. Dash in a bit and s.M, or dash further for a cr.L against slower characters. You’ve got about the same amount of advantage on hit/block at +9 or +8, so you can definitely work with that. Can’t be overused due to it’s slow startup though.

I’m also not using Stinger enough, for some reason I just can’t get the jump cancels down in a real match. I can do them just fine in practice mode, but can’t really get even one off in a match for some reason. You’d figure a half screen fast poke into a full combo for good damage would be worth practicing, lol. Too far out and it seems like jump cancelled ground punch won’t connect properly, though. So as far as I can tell, you can’t use it from it’s max range and get all the damage. You CAN use it to pin them in place for a teleport from that range though.

Top 5?
1 Teleport
2 reverb shock
3 fireworks
4 Multi Lock (charging and releasing while Super Jumping plus an assist deals major chip)
5 Crystal

1.Air Play - my main projectile with dante
2.Volcano - basically starts my BNB into relaunch
3.Million Cataracts - amazing anti-air and gives dante a free launcher if done early enough and can be canceled into DT just to be safe
4.Teleport - for obvious reasons
5.Helm Breaker - gotta love the instant (kinda) overhead