Your toughest game


Hello everyone,

I m asking you a simple question about which Fighting game has the toughest AI?

I want to see which game is the most toughest game.



I’m pretty sure Seth’s AI on SFIV on Hardest is the most ridiculous AI ever. (Thank god for Zangief!)


Isn’t one of the arcade SF2’s AI ridicilously mind-readingly difficult? Or maybe I’m just too sucky…


Seth AI is just annoying, but I gotta go with my SNK *ish on this one


SNK does have the awesomest bosses, but does simply being broken really count as artificial intelligence?


True, I was just counting difficulty not AI intelligence :sweat:


For me hands down it had to be TMNT: Tournament Fighters on Genesis hands down, I don’t think I’ve ever beaten that game. SF’s are tough too but I could usually find a way through it.


Mortal Kombat 2 makes me cry.

After that its SNK bosses hands down. Gonetiz anyone?? Yeah… if you never played him go try him out. Have fun.


Galaxy Fight for sure, if you don’t know your character and your opponent’s, you won’t even get past the first match well on Easy.


ST literally read minds. I’d input my jump command, the computer would read it and AA me before i could even react.

So effing scary.


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Anyway, everyone already hit the nail on the head with ST and KoF bosses.


I’ll throw in my lot with ST. The AI in that game is fucking ludicrous. It’s beyond difficult. It could only be more unfair if you just automatically lost at an arbitrary point during the match.


The 2D Mortal Kombats have the hardest A.I. I know of. In UMK3 the A.I. can do things humans cannot possibly do. Like, things that are impossible in versus. Example, Kabals dash. The A.I. can dash over and over again with Kabal and combo. In versus you can’t dash more then once in a combo, and you can only have 1 hit before the dash.


Yeah, but is that being tough or being cheaty? ST’s AI at least is near cheaty in being Superhuman in reaction but this one simply cheats and breaks the game.


super turbo
fuck super turbo

mk games were pretty tough too, computer always, ALWAYS had the perfect counter handy for hardest difficulty

aaand most KOF games

brutal god project… ughh


Amen to that if you add MK trilogy to that list.

I haven’t played it in a while but DOA4 also had pretty good A.I.
The countering system was a bitch against the CPU.


Real talk it might be Kaiser Knuckle:

OTK aka Otaku vs Shin Akuma in Alpha 2
Kyokugendou vs Rugal in KOF94
Pachi vs General in kaiser Knuckle


ALPHA-152 from DOA 4… that cunt is satanic… not so much on ai more than just broken as fuck


agreed… 100%



Seriously… Fuck Akuma and Magaki…