Your worst characteristic

Recently playing ive noticed a few things, that lead me to a “YOU LOSE” factor. I seem to be too defensive with pretty much any character, a little more offence with ken due to the LP shoryuken. So this makes me tend to stay away from other characters a good bit.

Another thing is that i dont think i can Low/Down parry at all so i seem to block low and eat all sorts of combos.

Playing offence requires prediction of the opponents next move, leading to timed blocks and parrys, following a punishment.
Also i think you really need to play with other characters to see how their moves work, gives you slight advantage when playing against them, how to block , counter etc.

Ive noticed alot of people repeat themselves, i do at times to. mixups.
your turn

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hate study

I suck at execution and can be easily predicted. I also suck at parying.

Whenever I have a brain fart I usually go for a DP which usually kills me. Especially when I’m Ibuki and dont have meter to cancel into super afterwards.

when my karakusa misses if i get a chance I c.short c.short c.foward or c.fierce it doesn’t sound all THAT bad but when i do it 100% of the time i usually get parry/punished on the second short =(

i used to jump way too much but after i fixed that issue now i be canceling into the super with q even when the opponent is blocking.
and also I try to parry way too much.

I dont really have a flaw, all around my problems are equally balanced if that makes any sense.

Actually I need to work on hit confirming. I use Ken and I hit his crouching medium punch all the time but it always slips my mind to follow up with a super. Plus when my friend does a aerial attack with dudley I parry then punish with C.Medium Punch, but thats not nearly enough punishment.

Oh forgot to mention hit confirming, I simply can’t do it.

I crouch block too much, I over-rotate on qcfs so I make whiffs, I only feel comfortable playing Hugo.

I expect more punishability on whiffs and blocks, Ken pissed me off so much when I started cause in the old days you block a shoryu and can retalliate when he lands with no reprocussion. (with something bigger than a jab, and at far range)

If I do something and it doesn’t work, I tend to keep trying to do it again…and again…and again!

I rarely parry… turtling…everyone says I try my best not to get hit


I play Vega in other games…

Seriously, I can’t deal with jump ins, I’m always afraid that I’ll get parried. And when people jump on me I can’t figure out their options from the spacing. So I’ll go for grabs when I shouldn’t.

I can’t do good rushdown mixup. Everytime I’m supposed to throw… I don’t. Drives me insane how I’d be close to finishing a person off and boom: I don’t think about throwing or setting up for a super. Aww well.

…that went well.

always going for fancy demon setups (TKD, SGGK, cr RH ect)

1- sometimes not block low in weak up
2-try new stuff/stricks and get a owned (because make execution mistakes)
3-sometimes make execution mistakes with drill kicks (j.forward , j.roundhouse)

I pick hugo.

Na lol. I would have to say my inability to deal with kens =o

Sometimes when I’m “in the zone,” and just controlling a match no problem, I’ll get these interesting/complex ideas in my head to try out instead of staying focused on what’s working perfectly fine. So I guess, being overzealous or losing focus when I shouldn’t. Sometimes it seems I have this subconscious need to make the matches as close as possible :looney:

Lack of experience/practice

Not being enough of a dirty whore

At certain times I think about using ONE specific counter to a move, instead of just doing what’s practical and works, which usually ends up getting me killed.

At an ffa ranbat, where i was one match away from top 8, I played an akuma player i was decently comfortable with playing against. I kept predicting his dive kick, and i wanted to be flashy i guess, so i kept trying to do duck under -> super, but i kept whiffing the super. Instead, i could of easily parried x uppercut, but i kept trying to do it, he kept punishing my whiffs and i lost.

I just gotta work on execution, and not panicking when one thing happens to go wrong.

I need to learn to parry. Seriously, my parrying is terrible.

can’t deal with jump ins too well and cant block overheads