Your XBL Rep


I was really interested when I saw mine, most notably because 54% of people avoided me because of “quitting early”. I have quit early from matches maybe 4 or 5 times (out of abaout 4000) due to various reasons ( and this is not quitting just as he wins, this is having to leave in the middle of the match). AE is the only game I really play online so is it just europeans being salty as usual. What’s your rep?


90% avoided. 77% for “unsporting” and 11% for “aggressive.” I assume the 77% are from the flowcharts since 80% I run into are flowcharts and I don’t let em get away with it. The 11% for aggressive I had to laugh… how aggressive can you be in AE.

It used to be 100% avoided. I’ve fallen off my game in recent times.