You're favorite type of shooters?

Mine has to be the battlefield games. I love it when there’s so many people, and chaos going on. Not to mention tanks, sea vehicles, and air vehicles.

i am favorite type of shooter?

That one with all them guns.

yeah battlefield is good. I used to like GRAW alot. Gears was pretty fun too.

I like to pilot robots.

I think he means FPS/TPS rather than shmups.


Apostrophe usage.


For FPSes: DOOM/DOOM II. By far.
For Shmups: Anything that isn’t those Cave games that hardcore fanboys think makes them superior human beings.

Dr. B’s elbow vag trumps Sakura’s.

3rd Person Shooters, except Gears of War I don’t see what’s the big deal about that game.

chainsawing people

killzone 2



Counter Strike and Condition Zero. I loved the fact that I can play and leave whenever I want.


Yes, you are.

First Person. Used to be Third Person though. I’ma get back in 3PS when Mafia II comes out…haven’t really played one since GTA IV.

Halo Reach will be amazing.

I prefer third-person shooters. Only FPS I’ve ever really enjoyed were GoldenEye, Halo, Killzone, and Resistance.

Anyone ever played Turok 2?

Those are the kinda shooters I like. Survival FPS.

As for Shmups, I only play Horizontal ones. Vertical ones are lame and are actually easier.

Does Portal count?

I am favorite types----> 3rd-Person perspective is so much more entertaining to me. With the sole exception of Bioshock and possibly Bulletstorm, FPS has been stale for me ever since the 90s.

Also, I avoid the realistic shit all the time. Realism = boring. It’s much better to be in some future setting, or perhaps a world with vampires and mutants, robots, aliens, “super-soldier” humans, zombies, demons…huge mechs, high-tech battlesuits, energy/laser weapons etc. etc. etc. Reality just can’t hang with all that. Just a few minutes ago, I was killing some giant, lizard-looking alien in Lost Planet 2, and it was glorious. He electrifies the ground, it can eat your whole squad, or smash you with the spiky tail…so much fun…and this is only during the 1st “episode” of the game. Real-world scenarios can’t compete with this kind of action as far as I’m concerned.