You're Puny Like BANNER! (MvC3 Hulk Combo Thread)



Here we can post combos done by the Gamma Giant, like this one…

Hulk’s BnB

Standing :h:
Standing :s:
Air :m:
Air :m:
Air :h:
Air :s:
Gamma Wave/Tsunami if Hyper is available

Air :h:, Air :s:, Standing :m:, Standing :s:, Air :m:, Air :m:, Air :h:, Air :s:, Gamma Wave/Tsunami

Corner Combos:

Standing :h:, Standing :s:, Air :m:, Air :m:, Air :h:, Air :s:, Gamma Quake (Timing is strict)

Crouching :l:, Crouching :m:, Standing :s:, Gamma Crush

Crossover Combos:

Air :s:, Standing :m:, Standing :s:, Air :m:, Air :m:, Air :h:, Air :s:, Gamma Wave/Tsunami

Intermediate Combos…

(From Mid-Screen)

Cr. :l:, cr. :m:, AA Gamma Charge :h: xx :m: (after 2 hits), dash, AA Gamma Charge :h: xx :h: (after full 5 hits), :s:, air :m:, air :m:, air :h:, air :s:, Gamma Tsunami


Thanks to Gargooletz…
More to come…


Simple but effective:

Standing L>M>L vert gamma charge>H vert gamma charge (bounces them otg)>L>M>H hori Gamma charge>L hori gamma charge (“one more time”)>gamma crush or gamma tsunami.

Of course you can add to it other ways, but the fact is that the down-forward H.Gamma Charge is beastly for setups and avoiding projectiles.


Mostly was spending time playing around with Gamma Crush corners in the combo. Most of these are v. basic, just showing how much damage this super does off a few hits.

In Corner
Air H
Air S
Air M
Air M
Air H
Air S
Gamma Quake

does 703k
lvl1 X-factor cancel into Quake does 743k, you can also mix in certain assists at during the Air H/S, timing slightly changes, but it’s pretty easy. Usually get another 10-20k thrown in. Obviously can DHC the end, tends to end up 850k+ to 900k.

In Corner, Simple combo, lots of damage
Air H
Air S
Gamma Crush

does around 680, lvl1Xcancel into crush 773, lvl2 905, lvl 3 1.273

In Corner
Cr. L
Cr. M
Gamma Crush

552k, wasn’t keeping track on X-factor scaling, but the damage boosts are likely around the above combo.

Air cross-up S (hulk goes over opponent, bottom of fist connects on opposite side due to hitbox arc)
Air M
Air M
Air H
Air S
Gamma Tsunami



Well I thought of a combo that I would like to try when I come off work with Hulk, it goes something like this:

Air H
Air S
Cr. M
Air M
Air M
Air H
Air S
OTG Assist (Such as Iron Man’s Smart Bomb or X-23’s Ankle Slicer)
Gamma Charge (Anti - Air) L
Gamma Charge H
(Ground Bounce)
Cr. M
Air M
Air M
Air H
Air S
Gamma Quake
X- Factor afterwards for Gamma Tsunami or DHC

But I’m wondering if the hit stun decay might not make it work, but the damage would be good I think.


1mil DHC with iron man

I currently use Hulk/Shulk/I.M and I use Shulk for point. Here is a 4 bar non x-factor combo to DHC. Corner Combo

J. :h:
J. :s:
s. :l:
s. :s:
Air. :m:
Air. :m:
Air. :h:
Air. :s:
:dp: :atk: :atk: DHC :qcb: :atk: :atk:

This combo does around 1mil something.


hey ho
just found this:

dr. doom assist corner combo

S + Assist (dr.doom secret missile)
air.M (has to hit early otherwise the missiles hit after air.S)
air.S (missiles hit if u are too slow for 430.000 damage)
(missiles hit OTG)

does 540.000 damage without meter

i wasnt able too connect another air.S too add an OTG super…maybe im to bad or its not possible…

EDIT: you can of cource start with j.H to get 588.000 damage

i think it might be possible to add some more hits before the combo starts with an assist or X-factor…will test tomorrow


yepp you can add

gamma charge

this will kill everybody without using meter (i think)

might even be possible to start with
AA gamma charge
S + Assist (dr.doom)
COMBO (see above)

but my exekution is bad so i dont get it done yet
maybe a good player should test this :wink:


That’s a corner combo, right?


Hulk BnBs no assists:

:l:, :m:, Gamma Charge (Anti Air):l:, Gamma Charge (AA) followup:h:, cr.:h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Gamma Wave:h:

553.4k damage meterless, 673.4k with Gamma Tsunami added on.


:h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Gamma Wave :h:

445.7k meterless, 605.7k with Gamma Tsunami.

These are some awesome things I found with Hulk and Wesker:

My favorite place to be is in the corner, because I can do this:

:l:, :h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Wesker OTG assist, cr.:h:, :s:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Gamma Wave:h:

The damage is wonderful; 636.6k meterless and 876.6k if you add a Gamma Crush on. Super easy. Wow.


What? Damage not good enough for you? Okay, well if you can manage it, in the corner do:

j.:h:, j.:s:, cr.:h:, :s:

and from here you do the same combo from above, starting from the first air:m:. This will net you 707.8k damage meterless! METERLESS! Again, leave out the Gamma Wave and tack on a Gamma Crush to get 947.8k of pure, unadulterated damage.

This BnB will take them to the corner every time no matter where you start from, not to mention it does crazy damage. By the way, you won’t get full Gamma Wave damage in the corner, but you wouldn’t be missing too much, you get about 671.9k.

:l:, :m:, Gamma Wave (AA):l:, Gamma Wave (AA) followup:h:, cr.:h:, :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:s:, dash, Wesker OTG assist, walk cr.:h:, :s:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Gamma Wave:h:

695.9k damage meterless, 803.9k after Gamma Tsunami, 923.9k damage after Gamma Crush (in corner). Meterless damage is so sick.

I’ve found some more but I’ll wait for a while to put those up, I’ll be working on other characters for now. Enjoy and happy smashing.


This is an interesting corner combo with:

Viewtiful Joe - Shocking Pink
Deadpool - Katana-Rama

Assist 1, air-grab
:a1:, air grab, air:h:,air:s:,crouch:h:,:s:,air:m:,air:m:,air:h:,air:s:,:a2:,:qcf::atk:+:atk:

No clue what the damage is off hand, but the attack works because of the armor on his jumping heavy and Shocking pink is an OTG. I’m pretty sure you can relaunch but they flip out in the air because of the hit stun decay, but you should be able to DHC into god hand/mach speed/desperado since Viewtiful joes assist was first. Or replace gamma crush with gamma tsunami for easier DHCs.


Awesome! finally have something to build on!


It works better in the corner with gamma crush. Thanks fam, this combo is BEAST! Simple, yet BEAST! lol I can easily seeing it killing pixie characters and most people if you XFC it.


I’m loving Hulk! I searched most character’s in this game and finally found Hulk. He fit’s my play style perfectly.

Some combo’s I like to do are:

My own BnB grounded.

L,H,S,air M,air M,air H, air S,H Gamma Wave for 466,700 damage.

L,M,L Gamma Charge Anti-Air, Gamma Charge Anti-Air 2nd Hit with H,L,M,S,air M,air M,air H,air S,H Gamma Wave for 525,200 damage.

I’m sure there are alot better combo’s then these when it comes to non jump in’s/no meter, but I have been very effective with these.

Edit: I just realized these are probably already mentioned, sorry I didn’t read this thread before posting in.


yeah, forgot to include that sorry. I’ll edit asap


1 meter, corner

L, c.H, gamma charge AA M (let it hit twice), gamma charge AA follow-up M, j.L, j.M, j.S, c.H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, gamma wave L, gamma crush


If you want, you can add j.H at the beginning for a total of 890.5k (or 902.5k against Sentinel or Hulk, you get an extra hit somewhere because of large hitboxes)

If you wanna do something similar without the corner, you can do

1 meter

L, c.H, gamma charge AA L (only 1 hit), gamma charge AA follow-up M, j.L, j.M, j.S, c.H, S, j.M, j.M, j.H, j.S, dash, gamma tsunami



alexbib’s very difficult (but impressively damaging!) combos aside, I think I’ve found what should be Hulk’s BnB:

Gamma Charge (Anti Air) :l:
Gamma Charge (Anti Air) Follow Up :h:
crouching :h:
Gamma Charge :h:
[Gamma Charge Follow Up :l:]
Gamma Crush

:atk: symbolizes whatever random normals lead you into the rest; everything except standing :h: or jumping :s: (and I think crouching :m:) will flow into this at some point. Jump-ins go to lights, lights can either go right into it (easiest, least damaging), to standing :m: (which creates a bizarrely tight link but is possible), or to crouching :h: (which requires close spacing and further introduces the annoying difficulty in this game of comboing a crouching normal into a dp input move but is the most damaging). Gamma Charge Follow Up :l: can be tacked on in the corner for extra damage, but outside the corner it causes Gamma Crush to whiff. As per damage, with stand :l: stand :m: this is slightly less damaging than Reinhart_x’s similar combo outside the corner and a lot more damaging in it. This combo drags people toward the corner pretty massively with the required nature of “being cornered” when you consider where you start the combo being pretty lose (basically being outside of the corner for this purpose means having more than half the entire stage between you and the corner), and it’s significantly easier to execute with no need to worry about landing that charge projectile after hitting with air :s:. If you want to go meterless, Reinhart_x’s combo is significantly better but this one still isn’t bad. If you really have no meter with Hulk, odds are you wanted to air exchange out anyway… unless you are last character Hulk with no meter in which case you are in big trouble.

Off a random stand :h: (or jumping :s: or crouching :m: I guess) that won’t combo into the BnB, this is more damaging and much easier:

stand :h:
Gamma Charge :h:
Gamma Charge Follow Up :l:
Gamma Crush

For reasons unknown to me, if you start the combo with standing :h:, the Gamma Charge Follow Up :l: never causes problems even in the middle of the screen. You’ll need to leave it out if you start with jump :s: or crouch :m: instead, but that should seldom come up since those aren’t good normals to randomly throw out like stand :h: is. It’s also worth noting that in level 3 X-Factor this combo is a 100% life combo on Sentinel (and consequently everyone else). Again, if you have no meter, Reinhart_x’s combo is better but even smarter is doing an air exchange to get no meter Hulk out of there and get some meter for the future.

If you land a Gamma Throw and don’t have an assist that can help you out, it mostly only leads to a poorly connecting Gamma Tsunami from what I can see, but if Hulk is cornered and uses it to escape the corner, he can get a 604,500 damage with:

Gamma Throw (mash for more hits and damage)
stand :l:
stand :s:,
air :m::m::h::s:
Gamma Wave :h:
Gamma Crush

The massive combo damage scaling introduced by Gamma Throw makes this variant the most damaging one (since it has far more hits than the Gamma Charge version). If you are close to the corner but not quite in it, you can get some okay damage (around 400k) by just going straight for Gamma Charge :h: after Gamma Throw.

Gamma Crush is just way too good as a super. It’s not hard to combo into and does the damage of a level 3. It’s also really great to DHC into from other characters and several have BnB combos of their own which lead to easy DHCs into a lot of extra damage with Gamma Crush (which itself is pretty easy to DHC out of to any hyper that hits above the user or can OTG). Then consider that Hulk-B is one of the best assists in the game that for some reason a lot of people are sleeping on, and just wow, what a good character.



**994,800 Damage combo with one meter. No xfactor involved at all. This is an uncombo. **

Had the opportunity to mess around with Hulk and spidey. They’re good synergy. Web shot serves as a nice combo assist as well as a good zoning tool to get in with. anyway that’s neither here or there

generic :l: , :m: , Web shot, :dp: :l: , :dp: :h: , :l: , :m: , :dp: :l: , :dp: :h:, :qcf: :h:, :qcf: :l:, Gamma Crush

Replacing Gamma crush with gamma wave should get a little less, but still over the 900k mark. If not near a corner I’d prefer to do just the air combo for 800k and keep the meter.

I’m not sure what it is, with spideys assist, but you make sure your web isn’t floating. otherwise it doesn’t reset the damage. anyway if by the second :l:, :m: you’ve only done 350 damage, you did it wrong.

With meter, I got something like 994,800 damage. With a generic air combo I got over 800,000 without meter. BUT after attemtping to test this on doom, sentinel, capt. it was a no go. it works on X23 so far and ONLY x23. I need to do more tests. There might just be some bug with x23. I’m not sure. or her hitbox might be weird and she might be getting OTG’d by the web shot. Either way. Damage is insane. I’d love to see if webset resets dmg for anyone else.

This is pretty much an anywhere combo.


Never thought I would have played Hulk, but I like him a lot right now. Some things I found (that i’m sure are variations of previously found combos):

  1. j.:h: j.:s: cr.:m: (or cr.:h:) :s: j.:m: j.:m: j.:h: j.:s: OTG :a1: into AA Gamma charge :l: --> add :h: --> QCF :atk: +:atk: XFC into QCB :atk: + :atk:

or instead of the gamma charges, you can relaunch into j.:h: j.:s: into otg supers.

I’ll add to this post, have a few other ones, but i’m pretty sure they’ve been said exactly.


So I was tooling around with the anti-air Gamma Charge combo and found that mid-screen you should probably be going for the following.

:atk:, :dp::l:,:h:, :d::h:, :s:, :m:,:m:, :h:, :s:, :qcf: :atk::atk:

Just an add-on since the Gamma Crush combo only works in the corner. This looks like a great go-to if you’re midscreen for solid damage if of course you’re lucky enough to start a combo midscreen with Hulk without jumping in. Could be of use when you catch someone with an assist that holds them in place.


First of all I’d like to say thanks to everyone for putting out some great stuff, we’re really doin’ work with Hulk. I just have a couple of things to put out here. One, I’ve seen a couple combos reposted, perhaps not exactly but very similar variations. Some of these are great and useful but others actually do less damage and aren’t any easier or better than the other variations. So I think if someone finds a variation that either does more damage, is easier, or is more useful in a certain situation then that’s obviously quite welcome, but other than that people should look through the thread to make sure their variation hasn’t been posted so it doesn’t get cluttered.

Okay, the other thing is, perhaps we should update the OP with the most damaging and basic BnBs both in the corner and out, maybe basics with OTG assists, plus have spoiler tags for marvel and capcom assists and then each character within that and have combos that work with those characters’ assists. Of course the thread could still have useful variations running throughout but it’d be nice to just have a one stop shop for Hulk’s combos as we find them. It’s definitely doable and if TheSurefireGamer wouldn’t want to do it then I wouldn’t mind keeping it updated. Just some thoughts, feel free to shoot them down if you don’t agree. Other than that keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

Edit: I just found what I think is right now the most damaging 1 meter combo with Hulk (perhaps in the game or very close to it?). It’s no more situational than any other j…h. combo in the corner, all it’s doing is adding Taskmaster’s Horizontal arrow assist to my earlier combo. So with Hulk/Wesker/Task in the corner:

j.:h:, j.:s:, (right as the j.:s: hits your opponent) call Task assist, cr.:h: (Arrows will hit during this), :s:, j.:m:, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Wesker OTG assist, cr.:h:, :s:, j.:h:, j.:s:, Gamma Wave:h:, Gamma Crush

Ready? 1,028,800 damage. I shit you not. Trust me, once you get it down it’s such an easy combo…actually, what Hulk combo isn’t easy? If you have Task as assist 1 you can DHC after Gamma Crush into Horizontal Legion Arrow for like 1,199k damage. If you have Wesker as assist 1 you can go from Gamma Crush into Maximum Wesker and then into Legion Arrow for up to 1,265k damage. Finally, using Wesker in assist 1 position, you can leave out the Gamma Wave and Gamma Crush and replace those with Gamma Quake, then go into Wesker’s level 3 to kill any character in the game. No xfactor, easy as shit. Only challenge is getting that j.:h:, but it’s very reasonable. I really expect some people to be playing this team in the future, it’s so good. Godlike damage, pretty good DHCs, above average life.


Didn’t see anyone post this combo that I use as a basic jump in combo. Maybe just missed it.

*Can only do the one more in the corner otherwise gamma crush misses

There’s other variations, I’ve found but based on different situations they can miss on certain characters or whatever. Like I’ve swapped :m: for c:l:c:h: for a little extra damage but notice it’s missed in some situations, so :m: seems to be the best option in that area.

This generally does around 700k depending on how you change it up, in the corner when you can get the one more in its like 719k for one meter. Plus I love how this combo looks, and it’s not even all that impressive of a combo.