YouTube basic tactics video

Felt like throwing up an El Fuerte general moves and tactics video. This was taken in the projector room of my store on my little webcam. Video quality this does not have. :slight_smile:


Once I get a better camera (or not, I’m impatient) I’ll start throwing up online matches using Fuerte.

Screen’s too dark, so unfortunately we can’t really see a thing you’re doing there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it easy to see, but it’s still pretty dark

Yeah. I don’t have a flat screen TV, so it’s either a tube or the projector, and projectors don’t pick up well as they’re merely reflected light.

Instead of a camera, get a capturing device that can you plug from your TV to your computer. The quality isn’t godlike, but it’s better than an camera.

This too, but I want to know how much they would cost.

The one I have is 150$.

However, this one is 100$.

If you want, I would get a computer microphone.

Probably a scrub question, but how did you get that outfit! I’m in G2 with Fuerte and would love to have that haha.

It’s the DLC “Brawler Pack” for SF4. Also, two updates:

  • Our projector burnt out, but it was under warranty. I’m hoping we can stretch for HD Projector.
  • I uploaded about 7 online matches using El Fuerte on my tube TV. Constructive criticism would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

You get it from buying a costume pack at PSN.

You can also download the whole costume set for 1000 M$ points.

I just started playing el fruity…I love the flexibility of the toon, there is plenty of options for mix up on knock down…

I know I should not be doing reverse and forward tosadas to score a knock down…Its just a “safety wheel” for now…

What are the basic pokes and moves to start a knockdown?

Is it ok if I don’t use RSF? (Due to the rumors that I heard it is going to get patched for the next sf4…)

Don’t pay more than $30 for a USB capture device, that’s the advice I’ll give you.