Youtube channel with weekly tournies come watch

So im gonna start recording tournies we do and put them on youtube these are all online games so if you would like to be in one let me know.
My youtube is hope you enjoy i have one up now and another one going up 2maro each video runs around 20mins. If you like please sub to me for more videos.

Bad gameplay, check
Bad video quality, check
Bad mic quality, check
Apparently bad internet quality too, check

Why are you promoting these videos again… ?

mic quality that is just in game voice and not everyone can start with hd pvr’s and you dont have to watch it good gameplay is all is needed watch the matches…

Just got this PM from CFC_Trunks:
" hi troll stfu and move along spam me ill report you dick head. "

Looks like someone can’t handle criticism lol, truth hurts I know =(

nope dont like disrespectful trolls who have nothing good to add to the convo. wanna share pm that is cute. Why dont you stop hiding behind your screen name and vs us people on xbox live wanna prove something show me im bad ;p

when do you hold your tournaments?

@retpetty whenever we have the people that wanna do it just message me on xbox at IL x CFC Trunks

week 2 enjoy

So vsing people online != hiding behind one’s screen name?

No i said if he wants to talk trash back it up or smeg off he thinks he can beat the people that come to my tournies bring it if he wants to be a troll that is fine ill ignore him. Next ep. will be up 2maro.