Youtube Channels!

Hey everyone,

I am kind of new around here, was on SRK back in 04/05. But that is besides the point! I was wondering if everyone wanted to toss there youtube channels in this thread so we can learn from each others videos. I for one know I am not that great at this game and love to see top tier players in action. So go ahead and add post up!


altho Denjin Arcade is gone, the youtube channel remains and has a pretty sizable amount of good videos worth checking out

Top Japanese 3s play. Pretty much all you’re going to need aside from tutorials, which can too be found on this channel.

If you search thru the match vids thread, there’s more than enough vids there.

My channel

I don’t want my channel filled with every lame match I’ve played since day 1, so I’ll try to only post interesting videos.