YouTube channels?


Are there any YouTube channels that offer actual created content on a frequent or somewhat frequent basis? So far I’m only subscribed to lianghubbs(probably spelled that wrong) channel for the funny cool moments vids and the crazy comeback stuff. Any other channels like this or that offer tutorials for various characters or other cool stuff besides simply matches?


It’s usually character specific channels.
Ryu Apprentice has a lot of good stuff, but mostly for Gen.
Then there’s a few pro players channel, like PR_Balrog, Latif, Jayce the Ace, Vryu Sensei, etc… ( you’re gonna need to search for you own character )
Most content i pretty old because, well, the game is old, and most tech has been discovered and shared years ago.


Thanks. Yeah I was trying to find some channels dedicated to making interesting content like liang or people who commentate on their own matches but after theyre done, not during. Does SRK itself have a channel? If not they should. I could see it doing really well and being pretty interesting having different game sections and different character sections with stuff like tutorials, advanced techniques, specific matchup advice, and whatever else stuff pops up on the character subforums.


There’s VesperArcade for tutorial stuff.


Ultrachentv is awesome for all kinds of information.

If you want funny moments from fighting game stuff then mrpavysrk is great, so is basedmonster.


Feel free to check out my channel :wink: It’s mostly endless lobby matches on PSN with players of varied skill levels. I upload usually once a week or two weeks, depending on if I feel like recording, or feel like I have matches I really want to record and share.


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