Youtube fake "tutorial videos" for fighting games: Your input please?

As you know there are people out there on youtube who post videos and calling them “tutorials” but all they really are: combo exhibitions.

-they dont explain how or why the combo works
-they claim to be “self-explanatory” and yet people have to post questions just to try and understand the stuff.
-and the maker of the video gets mad because according to him, people are asking “stupid questions”. If it were self-explanatory, there wouldn’t be questions to be begin with, right?

I just wanna see your view on this because I have had a lot of people and a lot of my friends approach me and ask me about my views on the subject. Now i just want to get your view if thats alright. i don’t wanna start a flame war or anything. This should be just a normal discussion.

i have no idea what youre talking about, you wanna give an example?

No idea what OP is trying to say but it reminded me of a video a japanese player posted with supposed “setups” that he knew were bad with text in japanese with something similar to “Just wait and see for the idiot americans to start using this in their videos so we can laugh at them”.

I need to try and find that video again.

i can’t find the link right now, but I will show you as soon as I find it (Im on that right now). However, I do know for a fact that there are videos out there claiming to be tutorial videos but they don’t explain anything.

Ill show you as soon as I find the link.

But you’re the combomaster, why should you need any explanation?

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do you always take nicknames literally? and btw, your answer doesn’t help. I specifically stated that I wont start flame wars.

YouTube has more idiots running around making commetns than the SF4 section.

who the fuck nicknamed you the combomaster?

That was uncalled for.

this guy keeps making new threads. and they’re all fucking terrible.

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what do you care? its just a nick name…

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@ op. Well, some people may not understand on how to make a correct “tutorial video,” not a big deal.

And you have a Rose Av. Your point?

but you in SoCal…why the hell would u need a tutorial :shake:


If you insist on this naruto thing claims that watching it makes me dumb, show me signed documentation as physical evidence.

absolutely nothing, just like this thread. If there’s people tagging/naming their videos “uncorrectly” so be it. No need to make a thread for this.

But you already proved otherwise.

my location is irrelevant. I could be in china and I will still need a tutorial. Were you born knowing algebra 2? I highly doubt it! One of the only ways to learn is through someone teaching you with efficient information. Telling me “just because” doens’t cut it.

No. wrong again. and why are you deviating from the thread’s topic?