Youtube/Google preparing to buy Twitch for more than a billion


Yeah this was on front page on SRK but it’s too good not to talk about in GD.


Time to abandon ship. Hope someone can bring over all the emoticons over to Ustream. Twitch will be filled with shitty youtube like policies and stream chat replaced with Google+


Also, prepare to get crapped on by content ID.


From what I heard its just a rumor that twitch refuses to even respond too. So maybe its happening or maybe twitch just told them to fuck off.


Back to UFrag. :lol:


RIP in Peace, Twitch Plays Pokemon…


I don’t want to go back to UStream


God Google+ ruined Youtube and the comments section. This proposition is something I hope Twitch won’t go through with.


Youtube Comments section always sucked. Google just made it more annoying to use it.


Don’t trust them.


I’ve heard this too from some DOTA streamers, still waiting for some other statements to surface.


YT comments always managed to turn into some christain/atheist flame war or some conspiracy theorists talking about bilderburg, 9/11 being an inside job fucking horse shit, Barrack Obama as the anti christ. Oh, and don’t forget shitty chain spam about scroll down and share or whatever the fuck


I heard Google is renaming Google + to “Google Identity”. They think they can cover-up the same shit with a new coat of paint lol!


I never understood why Google was so desperate to link my Youtube and Gmail together, only to prevent from watching YouTube vids unless I do so. I find it funny how they would tell you “link these accounts to increase security” and all I can think about, was me telling google “listen here; you and I know this is a bullshit”, but in the end had no choice.

Guess I’ll have twitch + YouTube + Gmail all in one package.


do ya thing Google keep making those moves don’t let them hold you back

Pussy ass Companies pussy ass Companies
They all pussy ass Companies


ustream was better yeah i said it the twitch faces are fucking stupid


As long as Google+ isn’t integrated, I’ll be content with the merge. If they do, I’ll go off to Hitbox…


6 billion hours of video to 1 billion users.




own3d is the goat streaming spot. 60fps streaming enabled #Kreygasm