YouTube matches going on now!

If you want your matches on YouTube, complete with slick editing and cool music let me know. I’m a professional in the broadcasting industry and I have done television editing before for news stations (prior job before the radio gigs) and can make some quite nice vids. If you’re up for it and wanna have some online fun that will be remembered forever, add me. vVv_MoRpHaZe is my PSN ID. I’m going onilne RIGHT NOW and recording matches. I’ll post them here and in the GG’s thread. Please don’t delete this topic, I’m not spamming, this is a topic I think the community will enjoy. See you soon online! Best regards, vVv_MoRpHaZe

i might be able to use u for a league im creating pm me and add as a friend

Okey dokey! Will do.

Latest YouTube match:
Enjoy. More will come!
Again, good games to:


you are on psn like all the time but never playing hd remix lol

lets play some time

if you are free friday night, you should enter my tournament

Sounds like a good idea. You can record my crappy matches and I can look at them and cry later on :frowning:

I know Syxx. I’ll be busy during this whole weekend due to my new job at a new station (oh boy!). :wink: Got to love Clear Channel Radio. I’m on the air with 3 of the stations during the weekends so I’m going to be JAMPACKED!

Hey I got a bunch of vids but I’m having trouble posting them to youtube. Any suggestions?

Thats really cool to be able to see your matches on you tube then see them. You could easily improve your game by studying. I think.

What kind of issues are you having uploading your matches to youtube? And yes, I think it’s a great way to learn and help study what you could have done better and how to better anticipate the opponents moves. For some reason I keep getting all sorts of negative feedback on my topics, and they’re causing my rep to go down very low. I wish some people would just grow up that are still on the old MK forums, but hey, I guess it comes with the territory right? :slight_smile: As momma always taught me, be the bigger man and walk away.
But yes if you’d like your matches recorded, simply ask in here and give me a general time you’d like to meet up with me! Lately, I have been loaded with work at my jobs (I now work for 3 radio stations) so I’m kinda busy, haha.
If you’re up for any recorded matches, simply ask.
Best regards,

I think I got it sorted out the length was too long even though the files size was only about 20mb but thanks anyway. I’d like to fight your Fei Long again sometime the last time it was fun plus I wanna try some stuff out on you if you don’t mind :wink:

Sucks about the MK drama I never liked that game mostly because of the players I came across. It’s like Raiders fans there always so aggressive, I think it’s cause they know their team\game sucks lol

You took the words out of my mouth.:wgrin:

I’ll add you, man.

vVv_MoRpHaZe is my PSN. I’ll try to be on later tonight, I’m on the air right now. LOL. Good stuff…