Youtube Poop Thread

I’m in the mood for some new and good Youtube Poop.

Here is a classic:
Robotnik and his Gameboy**


Also another good one.
The future is…**


i like the first one. those are some poops that make sense. i also wanted to play that game he’s playing

heres a short one: [media=youtube]6LI4ycCRd6Y"[/media]

Sorta surprised no one made this thread earlier lol…Where’s Rioting Soul at?

One of my favorites

Robotnik and YTPMV

That made me laugh so hard.

Here is some Youtube Poop Music Videos :

Space Channel Robotnik:


Dr. Ivo Robotnik: It’s From the Show:


What I Want You to Do (is Take These Cookies) :


Bakshi’s LotR: Gandalf’s Song to Rule Them All:


Go, Yoshi, Go (Killer Weeds and Pebble Peas):


Also I like the Dinner Blaster one:


I don’t check the video section much(if at all), and I’ve been out of the loop with poop for a while.

Batman and the Riddle of the Minotaur

Youtube Poop: Arthur’s Massive, Throbbing Hit


Youtube Poop: Ian’s pink wrinkled penis

Youtube Poop- Snake vs. Weegee

Youtube Poop: Snively has a Yiff Fetish

Youtube poop: Jaws Encounters Chuck’s Time Portal

Youtube Poop: Mama Luigi Leaves the Stove On

Robotnik has Fun

Rabduck Season

Hot Cold Sodas and Cold Hot Popcorn(music video)

Youtube poop: Jacky Chen is Faster Than Sonic

Youtube poop: Nah-Roo-Toe paints on the faces of evil


where there;s smoke: thanks!

Tails Goes Through Puberty


Galactus destroys your sanity


Dexter is a gay furry

Dexter has a unicorn sandwich

Youtube Poop: Green Eggs and Eggs

That’s a funny clip but it isn’t poop.


I need to find that poop by Mr.Simon where he breaks that shit down…lol

Robotnik Protects His Sex:

This is a shitty thread. (pats self on back and leaves)

Some old ones, but good ones :

GIF POOP - Link: The Real Faces of Evil

YouTube Poop: All About The Shopkeeper:

Weegee Halloween Special:

pulls in Tidus from FFX


Youtube poop: HIT ME!!!

Youtube Poop: 1-Peace

I almost spit out my moutain dew at the beginning…

Robotnik wants to F%$@ the queen:

Batmans finest

Filler 71519 Crap load of these

King gets in a car

You’re A Meshi

$tatic 5hock the rip-off of electro

Megatwerp’s got what you need for the Perfect Fishing boat! :3

Resident Evil 4 Deepercutt Edition


G Gundam’s Schwarz Bruder!!!

How G Gundam’s Schwarz Bruder Got Back His Groove!!!

Special Schwartz 1!: Schwarz Vs Guy! The King Of Hypers!!!

Matt Hardy on Power Rangers

Solid Snake learns about Hayden Panettiere

Snake’s obsession with Hayden Panettiere

Snake stalks Hayden Panettiere

Solid Snake has a message for Kira Buckland AKA Rina-Chan.

Snake vs. Dillo64

Snake learns about Miley Cyrus

You dare bring (ITEM) to my lair you must (ITEM)

The King and Duke Onkled Have Gay Sex

The King + Reeses Pieces = Craziness


Zelda: Link’s First Date

Zelda: The King’s Unreasonable Demands

Zelda: Link’s Conjugal Visit

The King gets a Television (And a Wii)

You guys should call me Flybourg!

chad warden loves Byakugan

Link’s Homicidal Rampage

Youtube Poop Cartoon: MUNF MUNF!


Turbo CD-I Cartoon


Zelda CD-I Shorts


Grover teaches YTP:

Youtube Poop: TADA!

These scare me… O.O

So youtube poop is horrendous wacky cartoons???