Youtube replays






I guess I’ll watch later.

For critique, it’s best to go to the individual character subforums for SF4. Each character subforum has its own video thread where you can get help. Sagat for example, has this thread:


Critique was not my #1 priority when I posted here, I was hoping to gain some viewers and subs. Critique or comments would just be icing on the top I suppose.

Plus, it is hard to critique someone based on only 3 replays, especially for me since I usually change up my play style for experimental purposes. But I might post videos in the critique threads when I get a few more losses uploaded.

Edit: Another reason why I’m not specifically looking for critiques is due to that the mistakes are pretty apparent from just watching it myself, for example in the video that I linked:

-Wasn’t spacing very well, not a lot of horizontal movement, held down back too much.
-Too many needless focuses
-Habit of using mk.TK after a
-dropped my bnb at the end of round 1


Tbh, critique should be your #1 priority. Having viewers and subs won’t make you a better player, unless you’re just trying to be popular for putting out videos, then I guess that would be your goal.

You can critique someone based on a single match, it doesn’t matter, it’s still valuable information as long as its source is doing their best to be constructive. Even if you’re just experimenting, it helps to have a second set of eyes point out mistakes in your strategies and play styles.

Not all mistakes are apparent from a single perspective. It helps to have multiple perspectives in order to better analyse your match footage. Some people might focus on a few situations here and there that might have slipped your mind completely. It never hurts to have multiple people come together and talk about your matches.


Like I said, it is not my #1 priority because I am perfectly content at the pace which I am advancing in this game. My main reason for posting is to gain some subs so I can do other videos and not just upload my ranked matches just for my own enjoyment.

If I wanted critiques, I would post the videos in the critique threads as 4neqs mentioned.


This isn’t the board for promotion, I understand you want subscribers but you’re posting in a forum dedicated to helping new players get their bearings set. If you want to get subscribers you’re going to have to put in the hard work and be interesting like the rest of us.


Not really sure why you want a bunch of core fighting game gamers to give you free subs in order for you to start making other videos. Just make other videos. And you’re not going to get subs by just being another joe-shmoe trying to get internet famous, you’ve got to bring something interesting to the table in order to get guys to come back to your channel on a consistent basis.


Kind of pathetic to try and leech subs and views on this section…


I don’t find anything pathetic about posting my channel here to get some exposure, especially to those who are new to the game (which is why I posted in the newbie section). Maybe some people might be into these kinds of things. I’m not forcing anyone to sub to me so I don’t get where the “leech” comes from.

Ease up buddies.

Did you all a favor and removed the link, don’t know what warranted the hate but cool. Keep it classy fgc and don’t be so quick to judge :slight_smile:


Well think about it like this, you’re basically advertising your youtube channel on the forums. Forums guys hate advertisement. It doesn’t help that several people are trying to do the same thing that you’re doing.

It’s also unusual that you say that it’s okay for people to leave critique or comments, and yet you fervently state that your primary purpose in posting this is only to attract views and subs, and not to improve your own game play. It’s a bit unusual that all you’re doing is fishing for views/subs in order to bump up your demographics, along with the fact that you don’t show any serious desire for the community to help you improve as a player. Basically you’re asking for community support for whatever unknown goal you have in mind, and in return we basically get nothing but generic match footage of beginner/intermediate level play.


Consider my advertisement gone then, I’m not one to beat around a dead horse.

What you say does have some truth to it, all I’m currently offering with my channel is beginner/intermediate level play, and I won’t try to dispute that. There are plenty of players who are much better than I am, which is why I decided to post here, where the bar is set lower.

/end thread.


I would’ve given your video a chance if you actually trying to get better at the game…and show your progress along the way.
That would’ve been helpful in this section.



i guess you can post whatever you want on shoryuken. i just got done reading a thread some guy started about this “little bowel movement game” he plays when he’s bored…
to tell you the truth, i thought this was a gaming website, but people are just posting whatever. ergo, it’s fine to post your youtube channel here if you want people to see; i personally wouldn’t do that because i know it will provoke comments like those ^.


Never said I wasn’t trying to get better at the game. Rather, that wasn’t my intention when I posted a link to my channel here. I’ll say it once again since you seem to have missed it: if I were looking for critique I would be posting in the critique my _____ thread. Just by stating that my main purpose posting my channel here was not for critique does not mean that I am not trying to/will not improve at this game.

Yep, should have known.

/thread #2


I don’t know how you got the impression that SRK’s “newbies ask for advice” section is a good place to promote your YouTube channel, but it really isn’t. Please read the rules–or at least the forum subheadings–before continuing to post at SRK.

Best of luck with your YouTube channel. The media outlet might be a better place to promote it.