Youtube Sakura Forum?



Hello Everyone,
My name is Michael Galardi and I am part of the Houston Scene, a Sakura Player, a Street Fighter Video Maker.
If from anywhere, you would recognize me from either of these videos: or
A few minutes ago I thought of an idea.

What would make the Sakura discussion more widespread? What would possibly attract it to more people, perhaps more casual, or just more interested in a visual medium, a quicker demonstration of technology, setups and strategies?

I could compile the most important of all that is Sakura forum, and put it in a series of videos regarding matchups, setups or whatever. All credit would be given to the forum, the specific user, and the origin of the idea.
I understand this would be a long project. I have school to focus on as well, and this isn’t the only game I like to play competitively, so this, obviously, could fail rather quickly.
If it has a good start-up, but I can’t handle the workload, I would be open to the idea of more than one person handling the channel. Obviously, it would have to be extremely trustworthy people that I hand the password over to.

I like this idea, because I am not for dubstep overcoating, nor am I for slow motion effects, nor taking a piece of tech that can be presented and explained in 30 seconds and stretching it out to 5 minutes with a 2 minute intro. I’m not in to any of that, and I think most of you aren’t either. This channel could be just very quick demonstrations of all that is already on the forum, obviously, if the permission is given to me by the user that contributed the information, possibly with voice-overs to help speed up the process, or just the explanation in the description. Whatever everyone deems the best.

Just an idea.
Thanks, guys c;


I like the idea as people are too lazy to learn more about their characters (myself included). I wish I had the technological prowess but I am pretty bad with media. I believe you should wait after the patch to do so though, as there could be some potential changes. Good luck to the project and thank you for the contributions :slight_smile:


I truthfully feel like I have tech that makes Sakura more than broken. This is the reason I am conflicted with contributing after the patch, or even at all.


yea, wait till after the patch for the real broken stuff. people are already calling for Sakura nerfs and she hasn’t even won anything except a few Chris G specials… and I never see anyone choke harder than they do vs Chris G


and mods/people? why the fuck would you ever discourage this guy from posting new content, this forum is almost dead already…


Yeah, thanks for the support on that. However, I don’t really mind. If people don’t like to cooperate to strengthen their community, then i’m fine with helping those who do want to.