YouTube Testing LOL, OMG, WTF & FAIL Buttons

This shit is retarded.

This morning an interesting post went up on the Google Operating System unofficial Google news blog. The post announced that YouTube was testing a new feature—YouTube Reactions. The post features screenshots of the new feature, which apparently lets YouTube users click reaction buttons to decide whether a video is LOL, OMG, EPIC, CUTE, WTF or FAIL.

When I read the post this morning it sounded a little bit too awesome to be true and I wanted to reach out to YouTube to make sure that this wasn’t a late April Fool’s joke. It’s no joke. Jacques Herbert of Global Communications & Public Affairs at YouTube told me, “These video reaction tags are part of a test we’re doing on a small group of our users. The goal is to take frequently used expressions from our comments system and make them into tags to users can express themselves with just a click of the button. Depending on how the test goes, we’ll consider rolling the feature out to more users.”

Amazing how those are the 6 words that don’t mean anything anymore thanks for the internet.

All my videos will be “CUTE”.

Im going to label everything epic

Why would the internet kill the word epic?

what are they going to do when those abbreviations arent even in the general lexicon of the internet anymore? they will be fuxx0r3d

[INDENT=1]Does anyone still use ‘w00t’? I haven’t seen it in a while.[/INDENT]

The word epic died the second it was put into WoW. It lost all its meaning since.

heh, I won’t be surprised if they add that “winning” shit


LOL WTF, fail

This can’t be real

I still do occasionally. Hell, I remember BBS days, and all we had was asl and <g> meant grin…lol took awhile to come along :stuck_out_tongue:

there are now only six human emotions worth thinking about.

They should’ve included a coffee reaction.


When the world finally ends it’ll be because God is tired of stupid shit like “epic” and “fail.” Christ almighty internet lingo just really gets under my skin.

Everything’s so goddamn epic right? RIGHT!?

or… Jizz

You mean I have to click TWO BUTTONS for Epic Fail? gtfo with that noise.

Epic fail is by far one of the worst offenders ever. The word epic should denote something of its kind, not some idiot in an accident.

Youtube seems to be the one website that I frequent that seems to make an active effort to make itself worse and worse at time goes on.

Hope this is some kind of joke.