Youtube uploads not working?!


Anyone else having issues uploading their matches up to youtube? Ive been trying since the patch came out and nothing! Anyone know whats going on?


@Projectjustice It has not been working :confused:
If you like, you can direct me to the reply and I’ll upload it onto my channel for you and post a link here. I check this site periodically around every few hours.

The same goes for anyone who is trying to upload via street fighter 3 youtube channel.


I see, I uploaded a few matches on the match server. The tag is Projectjustice.

Thanks for your help!



It looks like the replay feature from the browser replay menu is also not functioning:

The only chance to show off your video is to invite friends over with the “invite friends to watch replay”, which allows you to show off the replays in your ‘saved replays’ menu. I guess we’ll have to wait for an update or something. :confused:


A great loss for audiovisual heritage worldwide.


I hope they fix this soon. This is terrible!


Google+ over complicated everything. I can upload vids on mine but after awhile, google+/YouTube changes some settings on YouTube that prevents it.


i thought you dropped 3s for shit fighter4 ,nice to have you back.




This is bullshti, I never get to even leave the XBOX


Buy one of those video recording devices and record yourself talking while you play

It’ll be an internet sensation. Think of all the YouTube dollars


Think of how much better YouTube would be right now if we had DNADERGaming instead of DSP


This is essentially the only way to upload your youtube video at the moment. The only other option is if you have a friend that you can invite to watch the replay over xbox live and they record the matches for you. If you really want to upload some videos I suppose you can add me at radiofox56, XBL only, and invite me to watch the replay. I’ll record a few matches.


If you want to do it this way, we can. As always, this goes for anyone else who wants to upload some matches.


Its not the first time and maybe it won’t be the last if it does get fixed.

We’re in the territory of maybe they’ve dusted their hands of this game forever now after the last patch, even though that one too- broke even more things.

I was just going to say Dander forever, denjizz never

until I saw those Iron Fist T-shirts.

Now I forgot who the 2 were billed as rivals because Barney seems like he fits since his name is easier to say, between Quimby and Wiggum.

“Barney forever, Wiggum, never!” It probably wasn’t Chief Wiggum.


I’m going to start a kickstarter for recording equipment. It’s really the only thing I’d need. That and a stick probably.

Hmm, a kickstarter for 200 bucks sounds kinda pointless. Guess I’ll just have to get another job.


You can just sell drugs for one day

I hear that’s where the money is


Sounds pointless to me. I’ll stick to selling cherry pepsi.


I did but after i heard how great the new patch was I decided to play it again. I have really missed the game.


I noticed that the replay system is working again. @Projectjustice, care to try it again? Upload to matchserver with your tag. It should work now.


Thanks Ill give it a shot!