Youtube's best of the worst

Just wanted to start a thread with the most ridiculous commentary from real, live scrubs. Brought to you by youtube! If you find a hilarious comment just copy and paste it along with the url. I’ll start:

“And SF4 is NOT BETTER than Blazblue or any other fighters HA HA HA SO take your SF playing noob ass on bitch KOF 12 in advancement and SF is THE SAME BS!!!”

“marieodewnd yor bisan saucuks man”

"Taiwan (Republic of China) is a sovereign state, what are you babbling about?

Just because it is not recognized as REPUBLIC OF CHINA (China), it doesn’t mean it’s not a country. In practice, most countries view the ROC as an independent state and as such maintain unofficial relations with it.

The ROC maintains unofficial relations with most countries via de facto embassies and consulates called Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Offices (TECRO)."

Wait…you say its supposed to be “real live commentary” and “brought by youtube” and then there are no video links?

Fail thread is fail.

I’m pretty sure “bunch of quotes” threads aren’t allowed on SRK.

Also comment links pls


Mikey0 - True Scrub.

No man you just don’t get his manly manly spirit, he will crush all opposition before they get a chance to land a single jab on him and defeats lesser scrubs with a mere look in person whilst online the moment his gamertag appears on your screen, the words owned show up in towing letters of fire and your console gets the RRoD/YLoD.

He is no scrub, he is the manfiested god of Tekken.:rock:

naa brah

Some of DSP’s youtube videos of him playing guys online at SF4 are classics. DSP gets so angry sometimes…,