YouTube's Mass Censorship (S1959)

Has Censorship gone to far?? is this really violating our 1st amendment???

I made a search on srk and nothing came up plz close if posted already.


edit: this seams to be part of that youtube censorship. They are attacking youtube


youtube is not a company that provides a service for the hell of it. youtube provides consumers to upload movies based on their terms of service agreement, which in the agreement i’m sure it says that the terms of service can be altered for any reason, at any time.

youtube wasn’t created for your personal amusement so you could watch funny videos. it was created and is used to make money.

that’s the bottom line.

you want to do something productive about it? stop going to youtube; their revenue is based on viewership.

That is understandable but youtube is such a HUGE part of the internet. What happens when they start censoring other sites??? I mean is this just youtube or a huge movement??? I really could care less about youtube, im more concerned about whats going to happen to our 1st amendment in 6-10 years??? This is just a gateway to sensor alot of information. I heard other companies like Comacast are blocking sites and preventing users from using P2P programs, not mention limiting their bandwidth usage. I mean WTF??

First Amendment doesn’t apply to the Internet, sorry.

Well Comcast can do that because they have pretty much have a monopoly on the cable market. Usually if a company does something you don’t like then you go somewhere else right? Youtube and Comcast both have their respective market shares if you complain just remember you aren’t forced to use their service.


So what if YouTube goes down? There’s already clones out there. It’s no big loss. It’s just like Myspace. Myspace goes down Facebook takes over. There’s always going to be something else.