Youtube's Uncomedy Week


If 7-up can be the Uncola then this travesty is uncomedy. Has anyone tried to watch any of this? I keep looking back at stuff in breif stints, but much like a trainwreck, or a dead body, it isn’t any less tragic than the first time you look. I can’t claim to say I’ve seen a lot because everything I’ve seen is so bad I can’t suffer through more than a minute or two to possibly get to something good.


Only one i’d be interested in seeing is the guy from Epic Meal Time and I honestly dunno if his humor would work outside the EMT setting…

But otherwise I haven’t been interested in this at all so i haven’t been watching. I mean Sarah Silverman is hardly a draw for me, if anything she’s a repellant.


Yeah Sarah Silverman is not funny at all. I get why she’s popular though. White women will laugh at anything as long as they know it’s supposed to be funny and they can sorta identify with it. Guys tolerate her because she isn’t hideous. She isn’t quite hot, but she’s certainly hittable, and when it comes to female comedians she’s fucking Helen of Troy.


the only thing sarah silverman has been in that i’ve enjoyed is the opening scene from the way of the gun.


Saw a preview on my Youtube front page about The Key of Awesome’s song “Starting a Mumford Band”. The best part of the song was the first 30 seconds which was previewed. What started out as a decent parody of Mumford and Sons (and the slew of folk-ish bands emerging trying to ride on their success) quickly went downhill after the first 30 seconds.


Sarah Silverman can be funny in the right setting. That setting is “when she’s a guest on Doug Loves Movies.”


The only one that I came across that was funny was the “The Onion News in The Future.” It is kinda sad how… it may come true.


damn, I like Sarah Silverman. no idea/interest in this comedy week thing tho


I enjoyed Diaper Money: