You've Been Naughty: Official UMvC3 Morrigan Combo Thread

Still very much a work in progress. Going to continue editing over the next couple of days to make sure every combo is notated which its damage and meter gain displayed accurately. Left out some combos from the other combo thread that didn’t have a video for them for right now. I’ll manually record some with my pad tomorrow. After that’s done I’ll just make sure to keep updating things regularly as they come to light. Cheers.

Move List

**Splash Libido: **:f::m:
Deep Crescendo: :f::h:
Soul Fist (air OK): :qcf::atk:
Soul Drain (air OK): :qcf::s:
Shadow Blade (air OK): :dp::atk:
Vector Drain: :hcb::atk:
Flight (air OK): :qcb::s:

Finishing Shower (air OK): :qcf::atk::atk:
Shadow Servant: :dp::atk::atk:
Astral Vision: :d::d::atk::atk:
Darkness Illusion (air OK): :qcb::atk::atk:

General Tips

Morrigan is a versatile character with many combo options. She is quite possibly the best zoner in the game, while also having some nasty rushdown tactics as well. Her mobility and high/low mixups are on par with characters like Magneto and Storm. On top of that she has some of the most easy and effective hitconfirms. Unfortunately all of this versatility comes at price. Morrigan’s damage output could be considered average at best compared to the rest of the cast. To maximize you’re damage youre going to have to work hard and break some bad habits and pick up some new ones. Here are some general tips to keep in mind

**1. **Use her c.:l: sparingly. It does not hit low and hits two times, meaning it scales her combo more. If you need a quick move her s.:l: hits low, comes out in 4 frames, and only hits once. However it can be useful if you’re opponent uses a an attack that hits high because Morrigan will duck the attack while performing her own. Some specific examples of when this might be useful is when Dante is attempting a boxdash + j.:m: or when Akuma uses his air tatsu
**2. **Use her s.:h: sparingly. It hits 4 times and it probably scales her combos harder than any of her other moves. Only time I would consider using it is if a character is right above your head and you got caught off guard.
**3. **Use her j.:s: sparingly. Morrigan’s j.:s: is a great move no doubt. It starts up incredibly fast, hits overhead multiple times, has great priority, and is easy to hitconfirm with. However as with her c.:l: and s.:h: it hits multiple time which lowers the overall damage of the combo. Her j.:l: is a great alternative if you want a fast overhead, and her j.:h: is good option if you’re going to contest against another character’s attacks.
**4. **Learn the correct time to cancel Shadowblade :m: into Finishing shower and how to aim the missiles. Do not aim up immediately after the super flash. Allow the missiles to go straight until you see the character start to move upwards on their own. Once that happens then aim up. For big characters (Hulk,Nemesis) try to cancel with them slightly below Morrigan’s feat. For normal size characters (Wesker,Dante) try to keep them level with Morrigan. For small character you don’t want their feet to past Morrigan’s stomach. Also mash, mash, mash, mash, mash
**5. **You can TAC or use Shadowblade H for extra damage in the corner after a Finishing Shower. Put characters like Doom or Magneto after her to give her access to some high damaging TAC combos.
**6. **Use Soul Fist to cover your approach. Not only does this make Morrigan’s rushdown safer, if the Soul Fist hits you have an easy hitconfirm that actually boosts her combo damage.
**7. **When experimenting with Morrigan’s Soul Fist loops, remember how each version of Soul Fist effects the opponent. Soul Fist :l: and :m: cause the opponent to drop in the air while, the :h: version will pop them up.
**8. **You can connect Shadow Servant after the end Darkness Illusion. The timing is somewhat tight, but not to difficult after some practice. It is worth noting that Morrigan will always appears on the opposite side she was on if you do the air version. If she uses the ground version she will appear on the same side she was on

BnB Combos

These are the combos that will work on every character from any grounded hitconfirm. There are many, many variations of these combos, but these are good places to start. There are many ways to alter these combos to you’re specific needs so feel free to experiment. Also note that the meterless version of these combos assume that you end in j.:h:, Shadowblade :h: in place of Finishing Shower

BnB Combo 1 (405K meterless, ~520k for 1 meter)

[details=Spoiler] s.:l:, c.:m::h:, f.:h:, (normal jump) j.:m::h::s: (land), c.:m::h:, f.:h:, (normal jump) j.:m::h::s: (land), c.:m::h:, :s:, (super jump) j.:m::m::h:, Shadowblade :m: , Finishing Shower

The basic Morrigan combo that everyone should learn. Very easy and does decent damage. This combo is probably her best option after a Happy Birthday as well.


BnB Combo 2 (484k meterless, ~610k for 1 meter)

[details=Spoiler] [media=youtube]D3bOegjmB-s[/media]

s.:l:, c.:m::h:, f.:h:, (normal jump) j.:m::m::h:, Soul Fist :h:, Fly, (ADD) j.:h:, Soul Fist :h:, Unfly (land), (normal jump**) j.:m::m::h:, Soul Fist :l:, Fly, (ADD) j.:h:, Soul Fist :l:, Unfly (land), :s:, (super jump) j.:m::m::h:, Shadowblade :m:, Finishing Shower**

A bit tougher than the other combo, but it introduces flight cancelling which is the heart of good Morrigan gameplay. Damage and meter gain is better as well.

BnB Combo 3 (522k meterless, ~700k for 1 meter)


s.:l:, c.:m::h:, :s:, (super jump) j.:h:, Soul Fist :l:, Fly, (ADD) j.:h:, Soul Fist :h:, Unfly (land), (normal jump) j.:m::h:, Soul Fist :l:, Fly, (ADD) j.:h:, Soul Fist :l:, Unfly (land), :s:, (super jump) j.:m::m::h:, Shadowblade :m:, Finishing Shower

Morrigan’s most damaging combo that can be considered a bread and butter.

Corner Combos

650-700k combo



UMvC - Morrigan Corner Combo



TAC Combos

Morrigan TAC Infinite



Soul Drain Combos

Morrigan has the unique ability to steal an opponents meter with her Soul Drain attack. Each Soul Drain that lands steals around 1/3 bar of meter and gaining it herself. However it is a slow moving projectile with an equally slow startup which makes it difficult to hit with. Still with certain assists and/or Astral Vision, Morrigan can link multiple Soul Drains in one combo. Note that if your opponent has less than 1/3 bar of meter, you will only receive the amount they had.

UMVC3 - Morrigan Soul Drain Combos with Rocket Racoon



UMVC3 - Morrigan Soul Drain Combos with Dr. Strange



Air Hitconfirms

Normal Jump Hitconfirms



Super Jump Hitconfirm



X-Factor Combos

Morrigan X-Factor lvl 3 loop for small characters, 1.2million damage, 1 bar



Full Combo Videos

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Morrigan Combo Video



Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Morrigan Combo Guide



Seductora: A Morrigan Combo Video



Other Useful Things

Phoenix Kill Combo


s.:l:, s.:m:, c.:h:, :s: (super jump), j.:h:, Soul Fist :l:, Fly, (ADD) j.S (land), Soul Drain, Shadow Servant

Thor Kill Combo



Misc Combos

These are combos that are not fully optimized, only work in specific scenarios, or just don’t fit in the other categories. However that does not mean there are not some useful stuff in here. Go ahead and give every one of these videos a look. They may just give you some ideas.

Morrigan Mission 11



Morrigan Double Fly Cancel Loop



Morrigan H Shadowblade Follow Ups



In the Lab With Morrigan



Morrigan Finishing Shower Loop is Still There… sorta



Morrigan Midscreen Soul Fist Loop



Morrigan midscreen combo



Soul Fist Loop Combo (Big characters, corner only)



Just a Couple Morrigan Combos




I don’t think combo 2 does 484K meterless, I’m pretty sure it’s somewhere around 450K. Also, I wouldn’t recommend on saying don’t ever use Morrigan’s c.L, because her crouch stance is so low that many attacks whiff, so then you can quickly punish with c.L.

Yea me and Omni were just talking about that actually. About to change that right now. Also for the meterless combos I was basing the damage off of the player doing j.H > Shadowblade H in place of Finishing Shower. Gonna specify that

ooh new thread. Well I’ve been practicing Morrigan again. I do the typical launch soul fist loops most of the time (BnB 3) but I struggle getting the relaunch to hit. Is there any spacing specifics to get it consistent?

Is B&B 3 might work after TAC into Morrigan? (as TAC, Morrigan enter j.C 236A fly etc…) I’m pretty bad at B&B3 (I use B&B2) so I have hard time checking that, but i believe I managed to connect C 236 A fly ADDF C 236C unfly j.B j.C j.S (still couldn’t finish it, I’m that bad with that combo)

I take issue with this advice. Yes, it destroys combo damage, but it’s a very, very good 360 degree ground to air hitbox, allowing it to basically stuff the shit out of Dormammu’s style teleports(yes, yes, this depends on what the port is covered with of course), and it keeps many anti-air combos going when they would otherwise drop with other ground normals.

As someone who just started getting back into Marvel, I have to say thank you so much for organizing all the info. I was waiting for some time to play but was dreading looking everything up. +Rep if I could.

Sorry guys I’ve been pumping out job applications and going to interviews the past couple of days. Just found out I’m not getting Federal Aid for college so I need to find a job ASAP. Was supposed to have the matchup thread up by now as well but real life is interfering. And last but not least I recorded a couple of videos for some of the combos without vids and how to hitconfirm from superjump/normaljump height, but I lost my tablet :shake:

Unfortunately, no. BnB3 requires Morrigan to land before continuing the combo and once she lands after a TAC, hitstun goes back to normal. They’ll recover as soon as she lands. While its not necessary at all, I really want to find some decent TAC combos for her. I do have a couple of things in mind and once I get some free time I’m going to hit the lab

Hmmm never seen anyone use it for that. Her air hitconfirms are really good and you can easily direct how high or low you want the opponent to be by choosing the correct Soul Fist during the confirm. Even in the situation you described I find it both easier and significantly more rewarding to get a j.M hitconfirm into a BnB2 style combo. Still I’ll change it to “use sparingly”. Never is to much of an extreme

Doing it midscreen can be kind of tough. Theres a certain sweet spot you want to hit on both the 1st and 2nd loop. You have to dash down as far as possible before the j.H, but you have to be careful because if you dash down to far you’ll switch sides. On the second rep you want Morrigan and the opponent to be as low to the ground as possible because when she lands you’re gonna want to walk forward briefly so you’ll be in range for the launcher.

No problem man :tup: Glad this is helping people out and I actually learned a lot of things finding all these videos as well. One person had mentioned that its possible to connect a Soul Drain after f.M. I had no idea that was possible and I can’t wait to mess with that in the lab.

Just wanted to chime in and let you know that the annotations for this combo don’t match what you have on your Youtube description (missing an additional j.:m: and the c.****:m: should be just a :m:.) I was having some trouble doing it until I looked it up, now it’s coming a little bit easier now.

Good stuff though, just picked up Morgan and this is helping alot.

I’ve been using the same Morrigan combo forever, so I figured I should upgrade. Don’t mind the DHC extensions, those were just for fun. Shadow Servant > Million Dollars probably does damage than this Devil Trigger stuff. Any and all feedback would be appreciated, especially since I don’t spend nearly enough time in training mode with Morrigan and I’m probably missing some things as a result.


1st combo is the BnB I tend to do, I think it’s in the OP too.

2nd is a simplified version of the combo I was trying to do. Works midscreen too, but it’s easier in the corner. The version I was trying to do was something like
(in the corner) Shadow Blade L, fly, Soul Fist H, unfly, Soul Fist H, fly, Soul Fist H, unfly, Soul Fist H, fly, Soul Fist M, unfly, Shell Kick, launch blablabla.
I’m pretty sure more can be added, but I kinda gave up on this one lol. I kept having the problem of Morrigan being pushed back too far for the next Soul Fist to combo. Adding in some normals can probably mitigate that, but then that means less Soul Fists.

And the 3rd combo is a conversion from super jump height. j.H has a silly hitbox, and it’s active for about a day, so it’s not an entirely impractical way to start a combo. j.L, j.H also works. Might be better as well, since j.L starts up faster and is active for about a day and a half.
THC with Dante, Xfactor can get you 5 Soul Drains, maybe more.

Hmm didn’t notice. When I do the combo I do it the way I notated it, but I didn’t notice that his combo is slightly different (thats Darchon25’s video). I’ll change it to match his video so thanks for pointing it out.

There were some nice stuff in there. I’m gonna put in the main post, but I don’t know where to put it lol. To much good stuff to just stick it in the Misc part, especially that SJ hitconfirm combo. I have a hitconfirm from SJ as well which is pretty much BnB 3 but its pretty tough. Yours seems easier

Wow, my Morrigan combo videos are posted here! I hope that they can be of assistance to everyone :slight_smile:

After seeing this, I think I might start using the Shadow Blade assist. Acid Rain combo extentions with ground bounce reset oppourtunities, along with Instant Crossover Combinations with an OTG assist that I can abuse with Dante is making me changing my mind about using Dark Harmonizer. Dante already builds so much meter by himeslf, and if I need any more, Felicia could just EX charge for him.

Yeah, I originally picked Shadow Blade just for combo purposes, but it’s actually turned out to be quite useful.
Speaking of Felicia, I’ve been thinking about using her as anchor. I know she and Dante work great together, but how do you like her with Morrigan? Jam Session for vertical and Rolling Buckler for the ground game seems awesome.

Felicia and Morrigan works wonders together. On incoming opponents, Jam Session keeps them locked down in the corner and I could shoot some Soul Drains to apply pressure. To keep them locked down some more, I can do double overheads with Morrigan as they land. If that doesn’t open them up, I could call Felicia’s Rolling Buckler Slide to help Morrigan claim some unblockables. I recently started using Felicia’s Slide assist, and it’s really good. I used to use her Cat Spike for combo extentions with Morrigan, but I could use a few more unblockables with my team.

Just found out you can combo a raw tag with morrigan after a hyper grav with magneto. Can she get anything substantial off of that? Both damage and hitstun scaling seems to go up pretty high after the raw tag.

I could of done a lot more, I think.
Shout-outs to chirp for giving me the idea of using the Shadow Blade as an assist.

s.h can also be used to close the distance to allow fwd+h to give a full combo rather than one that drops the opponent out

There are times where you do an overhead followed by s.l, s.m and depending on the range, fwd+h can hit but not allow a full combo. During these scenarios, using s.h after the s.m can sneak morrigan forward a bit to allow fwd+h to give you a better positioning on the rejump.

It scales the combo out a bit but you actually get a full combo. You can always adjust your combo to like s.l, fwd+h but during certain situations, it can be very hard to confirm off of them properly.

s.h has its uses but if you don’t have to use it in a combo, don’t. It does scale it. Using s.h in every combo is basically a scrub safety net IMO. 99% of the time, it will always put morrigan in range for fwd+h to give a perfect rejump SF loop but it scales it out so better players try to stay away from it as much as possible to maximize the damage output

Asides from just that, you can combo s.H back into s.M. ChrisG does it if he calls Missiles and gets a combo while the missiles are in the air so the missiles don’t mess him up.

Apologies if this has been discussed somewhere already, but I didn’t see anything (granted I didn’t look very hard, but anyway)
Has anyone come up with a TAC infinite for Morrigan yet? I was messing around with some stuff yesterday, and off a down exchange in the corner I got
Immediate airdash down, Soulfist H, fly, j.H, unfly, falling j.H, land, jump up forward, j.L, j.M, j.H, Soulfist ?, fly, j.H, unfly, falling j.H, etc etc

I’m pretty sure it can work. Most of the time they’d just flip out of the j.L, but I managed to get two repetitions of the jump loop on several occasions. The main problem is keeping them at the proper height so that the falling j.H hits as close to the ground as possible.