You've never seen a kunai throwing knife before? - the jump cancel Kunai thread

I’m working on a chart listing all possible frame variations Ibuki can get after cr.HP xx jump cancel instant kunai. Right now it has 13 characters, but I’m working on the rest although it’s very time consuming.

Knowing these data will boost your damage, stun, and flash.

When everything is done I will try to group the characters and give advice on what do do vs certain characters so we can actually remember this stuff in real matches. For example jc forward lp kunai gives the maximum advantage of +7 in all scenarios vs Akuma and E.Ryu, so we don’t have to remember the rest.

Please give your opinions on the format, or if I’m missing anything vital. When do you want to do these combos? I’m thinking as a big punish or off a crumple, where these data is sufficient.

If anyone wants to help gather data, that would of course be appreciated (plus it will let you practise the timing)

The chart can be found here: