YRSF Presents: MvC3 Midnight Launch & Tourney Microplay Newmarket - Mon Feb 14th 9pm

MVC3 Midnight Launch & Tournament!

**DATE: **
Monday, Feb 14th 2011

Microplay Video Games Newmarket
16700 Bayview Avenue
Newmarket, ON L3X 1W1

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Marvel Vs Capcom 3

1st Place - Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Special Edition
2nd Place - Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Standard Edition
Door Prizes

9 p.m. store closes, pre-registration begins
9:30 p.m. to midnight: SSFIV, MVC2, AH3 Casuals
Midnight: MVC3 Launch Celebration and Tournament

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (PS3)
$10.00 entry
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

This is a BYOC event, some sticks will be on-hand for use but please bring yours with you to use at the event.

Various Mad Catz and Hori sticks, pads and goodies will be available for purchase at the store.

**MVC3 Standard Editions will be available for purchase at midnight! Please pre-order in advance to secure your copy by contacting Microplay directly **

For any questions or concerns please feel free to send me a PM, drop a post here or in the YRSF thread: http://shoryuken.com/f248/york-region-street-fighters-yrsf-thread-r-hill-aurora-stouffville-newmarket-258215/

Hope to see some York Region Players come out of the woodwork for this one!

Sticky please?

Subbing for later!

Team Slumber Party!

Jay Wang trying to take the title of first marvel 3 champ in gta

sigh… so much for my retirement. I can’t believe I might have to attend this…
does the winners receive a percentage of the $10 entry fee too? or just the marvel disc?

Nice! Come on Eric, who wants to be the very first MVC3 champ in all of York Region/GTA??!?!

Unfortunately there’s no cash payout at this tourny, the entry fee covers the cost of the MVC3 Special Edition for the winner, the standard for 2nd place, plus door prizes.

I’m sure I can at least hook you up with a delicious, refreshing, ice-cold Dragon Punch Energy Drink! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you can make it out.

Stay retired.

well he said he retired from SF iirc , I don’t believe marvel vs capcom 3 is SF

I signed up. This is gonna be fun!

can’t say im surprised at the comeback

See you on Monday!

We have approximately 15 entrants as of today.

i’ll be attending this event … :slight_smile:

Uh oh, YRSF y’all better step up. Buddah in the house.

I might make an appearance as well. How long do you think the tournament will go up to? I have work tmr and I’m still deciding.

Hey there,

We will most likely get the tourney started prior to midnight, it’s just the sales of the game that cannot occur until 12 a.m.

Total run-time is contingent on number of participants, many will register at the door. As of right now we’re looking at a 16 man bracket so I would expect about 4 hrs total.

I think I’ll pass on it. =(

I was hoping it would start a bit early and wouldn’t take too long.

Good luck!

Thanks Jack! If you change your mind come on out.

I wish the mvc3 tourney started earlier. Ahh, I’ll be there for 9pm for casuals but I won’t be able to stay for the tourney. :frowning:

Wait nvm. I failed to read your post omega! In that case I’ll be competing.

Sweet! see u tonite then.

Last chance people, come on out! We will most likely get the tourney under way before midnight to avoid burning too much midnight oil. Come out for some casuals and get some practice games in.

See you soon!