YRSF Presents MvC3 & SSFIV Spring 2011 League Battle (York Region/Toronto)

The idea behind the concept is to enable you as a player, to see (quantitatively) how you stack up with local competition, which players give you the most trouble, and how you are progressing week over week. The League will run for a pre-set period of time, most likely 4 to 6 weeks.

We are fortunate enough to have Heroes World in Markham as the first venue to welcome the concept.

Microplay Video Games in Newmarket will now also be hosting League Matches in conjunction with casuals!

Season 2 League Battle summary:

Venue 1:
Heroes World
8601 Warden Avenue Unit 13 (North-East Corner of Hwy 7 and Warden)
Markham, Ontario
L3R 0B5

Venue 2:
Microplay Video Games
16700 Bayview Ave Newmarket, ON
L3X 1W1


Heroes World: Every Wednesday during weekly casuals from 4 to 9 p.m.
Microplay: Every Monday during casuals from 5 to 9 p.m.

**Begins on Weds April 27th - cut-off to join Season 2 is the following Weds May 4th **

$5.00 per Season

PS3 and Xbox 360

MvC3 and SSFIV

-Dedicated time during casuals for League matches
-Round Robin Format - Best 2 out of 3 match Sets
-Top 4 players from each game will compete in a tournament to earn a shot at the Championship

In addition to having the honour of wearing the Championship Belt the Season Winner will receive a fabulous prize.

By no means is participation in the League mandatory, League matches can be run concurrently with other regular casuals, remaining transparent to those not competing.

If you are interested, please post up or send me a PM specifying which of the two featured League games you would like to participate in.

Your registration in the League will not be complete until you have paid the registration fee of $5.00

Season 2 Begins Wednesday April 27th, cut-off to join is Wednesday May 4th
$5.00 Fee for the Season

Wow, 18 peeps in SSFIV! Good stuff!



  1. Omega_orochi
  2. Beyond Human
  3. Aiden
  4. Fightjunkie
  5. Mikey7
  6. Syn13
  7. Chowwun
  8. maddskillz90
  9. Robin
  10. PiXels
  11. Azure
  12. Alex
  13. Francis


  1. Omega_orochi
  2. Badroc
  3. Beyond Human
  4. Aiden
  5. Fightjunkie
  6. Patrick (Padkuma)
  7. Paul
  8. Syn13
  9. Calvin
  10. Joelsyko
  11. Robin
  12. Chowwun
  13. Scarace360
  14. Azure
  15. Alex
  16. Gobias
  17. Chris N
  18. Fadipad

Reserved for results and weekly Standings

Season 1 Champions
MvC3 - Blitzman_G
SSFIV - Chowwun

Season 2 Standings:

Put me down for super street fighter please.

Also, how much tolerance is there for attendance ? If i show up only two wednesdays out of a month, do i get kicked or penalized and do i have to pay one fee for the duration of the event, or can I pay ever time i show up instead ?

And could i get a sneak peek at the fight card ? like a link to view it or something ? that would be nice.

Thanks in advance …

Hey Jess,

There’s no issue with the number of sessions you can attend. The price is included in the admission to casuals. The fight card is just a simple card that each player will have and turn-in at the end of the night. Not much to look at really. :slight_smile:

good stuff hidey!!

yeah, jess, you just come out whenever you can!

yeah, fight cards will be simple at first…and then if this is a success we’ll put a little more effort into them

oh also put me down for SSF4

Jon, join the MvC3 league as well, I need someone my level to compete as well…I think it’s too late because I haven’t been playing much of it. 55% completed Mission Mode, most of them, I stopped on Mission 7…One character finished.

nubs allowed? if so, i’ll give mvc3 a try.

Absolutely, all skill levels are welcome! I’ll add you to the participants list.

Put me down for mvc3 and ssf4 and is the league character lock?

Added and no, not character locked.

The League Battle kicks-off today at Heroes World. Fight cards have been prepared and we’ve got a good number of people signed up.

Get hype!

Great turnout tonight at Heroes World!

Please make sure to hand in your Fight Cards at the end of the night to me.


Player level win rates have been posted on the interweb. :slight_smile:

Put me down for both bud


Do you hold casuals (league or non league) any other night for MvC3? It’s not that I don’t want to participate in the league, but I have nightschool every week on Wednesdays… Specifically, what do you do on Mondays and Thursdays? As those are the days I can occasionally pop in…

Hi there,

Casuals take place at Microplay Video in Newmarket on Mondays, at Heroes World on Weds and Frid (both League and non-League).

Unfortunately we don’t have anything set up on Thursdays at the moment. You can check the events calendar on York Region Street Fighters for a listing and schedule of all events/casuals.


Hold on are we holding league matchs on friday?

Confirm with Jon