YRSF PRESENTS: Rock Steady @ Gety (SF4AE) 3v3 Results

Greetings and salutations! The Rock Steady Tournament was a great success and (I hope) a lot of fun was had by all.

We had 12 Teams of three compete in an abundance of hype, upsets, and epic moments.

I’d like to take a moment for some acknowledgements and shout outs. Results will follow in the subsequent post.

First off a big thank you to “Boss” of LoveGety for allowing us to hold the event there. I’m confident he was pleased with the amount of business we generated on Saturday as he set the AE Cabs to Free Play for remainder of the evening.

Dan & Klaus - Thank you for holding down the registration, managing the thread, and creating the Teaser trailer
David & Ray - Great job on running the brackets and making sure things un-folded smoothly
Wun Yan - Much love for lugging your camera around all night and capturing pics for us. (The pics will be up on both the yorkregionsf.ca site and Facebook before end of week)
Steve - Great work on the posters!
Matt - I really appreciate your help in ensuring the matches ran smoothly, people had the correct tokens ready, preparing the pay-outs, etc.

Last and definitely not least I would like to thank all the players who came out to support the event - without your support the tournament would not have been the success that it was. We’d appreciate some love (well at least a “like”) by supporting our Facebook Page.

On that note, there was one team that made their way out to support the event (sorry guys, I don’t recall your names) but they were inadvertently excluded from the bracket. This is unacceptable in my books and I apologize once again for the inconvenience - this will never happen again. I still owe the three of you dinner (couldn’t find you at the end of the event)!

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope to do this again in the near future.

Feedback, comments, and shout outs are welcome!

Final Results

1: Team 2D Gods (DaFlipMasta, Favero, Chaos2D) ($288.00)
2: Team GDLK (Saco, Siitch, Paradox) ($72.00)
3: Team “These Guys Think They’re Wicked” (John, Jason, Navi)
3: Team Pasta Flavored Pringles (YRSF-Raynex, Pringles, Italdan)
5: Team Gety (YRSF-Blitzman_G, Fadi, SpiralGuy)
5: Team Empire Arcadia (Money Marv, the44show, Benixz)
5: Team "We’re not going to win, But we’re the best looking Team (MUNK, YRSF-White-R, Kross)
5: Team You’re POO Dog (Tofuwarrior, ToughBusiness, PaulB)
9: Team SynWorks (Syn13, Mr.Fundamentals, JoelSyko)
9: Team Canadian Reset (Hidey, Jimmy, Marcus) - edit, should be read as (Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy)
9: Team Mixed Bags (Zin, Jaden, Calvin)
9: Team BlazBlue (Hermes, Leo, Wu)

Sounds like you did a great job Hidey. You should run more tournaments at Gety :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone left a pair of what looks like stock iphone/ipod headphones at gety. I have them. If i don’t hear from you in 2 hours i’m going to be modding the buttons on this thing.

Thanks Jason! Is this 2 hour warning an extension of the 2 hour warning you posted 11 hours ago? :slight_smile:

i may or may not already have swapped the buttons.

I came. I saw. I lost. oh well :smiley:

Great display of humble brevity. Sick performance Saco!

Best time I’ve had at Getty imo, results oriented thinking ftw.

Thanks to YRSF for runnin the tourney, as it turns out single elim was the best idea after all lol.

And thanks to my teammates for holding it down in our time of need. 2d gods whattttt.

See everyone at T12

LOL favero…great tournament <3

team getty lost in their own turf with home town advantage?!?! kinda sad man~~~

yeah Sauga wins :slight_smile: Dave n Chaos with the Summer Jam level up :slight_smile:

triforce is disappointed at the empire’s placing.

shoutouts to navi, i got exposed in the cammy-sagat matchup in the tournament :frowning:

Sorry has JS ever been randomed out by an elf? oh thats right he has =O

fyi Saco has never beaten me in a 2/3 set in the past numerous times we played. And using the excuse “randomed out” when u guys lost with the best characters in the game in a 2/3 set doesn’t sound right imo imo

Stay free scrub.

lol the double imo