YSB's 360 execution technique?



Can anyone shed some light into how YSB executes his 360 motion?

I see that he flicks his wrist and lets go of the stick.

How does he hold the stick during the flick and which direction does he start with?


He probably does a 270 motion? That’s what I’m seeing in my head based on your description.

I dunno, that’s just how I’m picturing it. It’s hard to answer this question because there are different ways to hold the stick and at least like two different methods of your description based on which direction he flicks it.

Is there a video that shows his hands while he’s playing?


He flicks his hand outwards.
This is the only video I have found so far. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqnpGZwI2SQ


That may be the manliest 360 execution I’ve ever seen.

It just looks like he’s starting from forward and going clockwise to up.


That’s the way I do it. Always right to up, clockwise. And often with the brief release of the stick as well.
I alternate my grip on the stick, I switch with the wine glass hold either between pinky and ring or ring and middle.
I’d have to grab my stick at home and see which is the hold I’m currently favoring.
Side note I still do right to up clockwise on pad.


With 360s I always flick a 270 from forwards clockwise on P1 side and anti-clockwise on P2 side. Helps a lot when you’re doing walk forwards parry in to instant 360.

For some reason I only bother to 720 clockwise though, I just change where I finish the rotation depending on where I started it.



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