Ytwojay's request thread v.Summer 2005

ytwojay, wanna make me stick art? :slight_smile:

misterbean97, your av is ready! I hope its what you were looking for, haha~

Mister Moderator TG, your av is also ready. I like the way yours turned out, hope you do too. =]

No problem, glad ya like it.

Been there, done that, failed miserably. Sorry mang, I guess stick art just isn’t my thing. :frowning:

@ Reset: Why do you keep deleting your posts? lol

thanks jay thats some sick shit. :tup:

Sweeeeeeeeet. Thanks alot man its real nice.

jay get on aim lolz


No problem man.


Alright I’ll try to get on later.

So… anybody else want an avatar?

um. I just have a question. How did you make that Hugo avatar for apokolips?

Nice avatars btw.

I started with a simple gradient for the BG [which really isnt important since you hardly see any of it in the av] and cropped the pic. Then I duplicated the Hugo layer a bunch of times and gave each layer a different “color overlay” from the blending options, and moved each of em over to the right a few pixels. I drew the heart with the pen tool, gave it a stroke, added the pink bar + typo and voila! Instant avatar.

Hope that helps. =]

ytwojay, i want you to make me an av of that pic, but with a few changes.

i want you to take out both the band name “Krisiun” and the album name " black force domain" but the crosses can stay.

on the left side of the pentagram( in the black area) i want you to put ‘‘big’’ and on the right side in the black area put ‘‘poppa’’ . if you can use some sort of dark or evil looking font for the words, that would be great.

thats all. it shouldnt be too hard

Thanks in advance

bigpoppa- I am not going to do your request because you already requested from 2 other taggers. Its rude and disrespectful to the people you’re requesting from. I suggest you delete all but one of your requests.

i actually already deleted them. one of them said they couldnt do it cause he couldnt do animations. that was yesterday. and i saw alee post he was taking a break and already deleted it.

That other guy is quiche, and he said there were some problems with your request but he still might be under the impression that you wanted an av from him. You should prolly let him know.

But alright, I’ll do it for ya. Gimme a day or so and I’ll see what I can do.

EDIT: Because of the size/shape, I’m either going to have to cut the top/bottom of the pentagram off, or make it small so the whole thing can fit into a rectangular SRK avatar. Which would you prefer?

i guess you could just make it smaller so it all fits on there. thats fine with me.

alee said u might be able to take this request

Could u make me an av with these 4 pic use (Southtown’King) as the s/n with the cammy pic use just cammy not chun-li also could u us a cool background some thing like a nice blue or gray


if i have to many pic use hibiki,chun li,and Sak but if u can use all 4


bigpoppa, your avatar is ready to be picked up on the first post. Sorry about the wait, some stuff came up. If you don’t like either of those fonts, get back at me and I’ll try to find another “evil” looking one.

Sure I can make you an avatar, but I don’t think I’ll be able to work with more than one of those pictures. Its hard enough working with more than 1 or 2 sprites, and those pictures are much bigger. If you want, I’ll make you 2 separate avatars with 1 character each [any two except for Cammy].

EDIT: Damn youre dope. Just saw your request in m1x4h’s thread. He can take the request instead.

hey jay,can u make me an av if it’s not too much trouble dawgs.i want an av of charlie and alex from street fighter.if u can make alex in his white color outfit instead of the green that would be cool,as for charlie the regular colors is fine.make both characters do their poses with a cool green background with lighting around.if u could do that for me i would owe u a big one.i hear u’re the best so i wanted to ask u for it.thanxs dawgs!!!

its no problem. ive been busy the last few days, so i havent even been on my computer. the fonts look good. i like the one with the blood dripping from the letters. thanks for making them. i appreciate it.

Thanks again

Haha I’m not the best, but yeah I got you man. Expect it today or tomorrow.

Pickup for YMDSLTSAC. Remember, you promised that you’d be my bestest friend in the whole wide world. ;D

<3 you no homo