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Upper Deck’s Interactive Yu-Gi-Oh! Tutorial (A must-view for those new to the game)*
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Netplay Info
Latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Virtual Desktop Netplay Client + TCG/OCG Sets + Images
For best results, extract this to your Program Files directory.
(In order to use this program you need to first make an account on XeroCreative’s Site. The reason for making the account is so that players can use XC’s server in case neither player can host matches)

For those that want to host matches, you need to forward ports 7237 to 7240 TCP and UDP.

Beware that unlike the Yu-Gi-Oh! video games, this program does nothing automatically. It is made to simulate playing an actual game of Yu-Gi-Oh!. After making a deck in the deck editor, select Duel. From there you can either select Listen (if you want to be the Host, and have already forwarded the correct ports necessary) or Connect (if you wish to be the client or if you want to use the alternate connection methods such as relay or server).

Useful Hotkeys:
Control+R: Roll a 6-sided die (this is the most common way to decide turn order at the start of a match in netplay)
Control+F: Flip a coin
Control+S: Shuffle your deck
Control+D: Draw a card
Control+W: Send top card of Deck to the Graveyard
Control+K: View your deck
Control+G: View your grave
Control+I: View your removed from play cards

since the last thread has died, i decided to make a new one that has readily available info for players interested in getting into the game (in addition to serious gameplay discussion for the advanced players we already have here too).

*:Please excuse the annoying 4kids VAs.

I know you people play this shit.


3x Caius the Shadow monarch
1x Raiza the Storm monarch
2x Cyber dragon
3x Thestalos the Firestorm monarch

Non tributes
1x Elemental Hero Stratos
2x Elemental Hero Ocean
3x Elemental Hero wildheart
1x Sangan
2x Legendary Jujitsu master
1x D.D Warrior lady
1x Exiled force

2x Skyscraper 2 Hero City
2x Lightning vortex
1x Monster reborn
1x Premature Bural
1x Heavy storm
2x Emergency call
3x Enemy controller
2x Soul exchange
1x Mst

1x Torrential Tribute
3x Bottomless trap hole
3x Reckless Greed

My current deck, I call it “monarch city”

Oh my, haven’t played since, Magician’s Force, I believe.

i honestly thought card battling died with pokemon years ago. don’t tell me there are tournaments for this shit…

I’ll be at Gen Con for the upcoming SJC.

What? I went to my comic book store one Sunday…

All I heard was an angry man going on about how he hates kids and all kids do is cheat because the kid summoned Blue Eyes White Dragon more than once. Yu-Gi-Oh tournies…

Haha wow

theres a scene for yu gi oh? i fucked around with the cards back in 02-3 but never knew shit went this deep.Loll

Yes I believe tournaments are still being held.

yeah ygo is still going mad strong. the last philly shounen jump tourney had around 800 heads.

I still got my yugioh cards! :woot:

I still play Yugioh in the form of Yugioh GX Tag Force 2. Since my card selection is limited (have to earn them) i’m playing a hybrid Amazoness/Harpy Lady and a Water deck revolving around sp.summoning White Night Dragon and Ice Goddess or whatever her name is with Gearfried/Swordmaster thrown in there.

What’s up with all the banned cards? I haven’t played since the first or second year they were released here and most of my old deck is either banned or limited :looney:

well cards are only outright banned in advanced format due to the extent of their power. if for some reason you’d still like to run those cards, the traditional format is there too.

That attendence sounds kinda low for a SJC.

SJC Indy @ Gen Con will probably get at least 1000.

No its not that actually 4th highest attendance. 1st was the 50th tournament in San Mateo I believe. over 1100 heads… :rofl:

I stopped playing competitively but who knows. Might make a return but man talk about Card values. :rofl:

yeah man shit is so rediculous at times.

if anyone wants to wi-fi duel on DS WC2008, let me know.

Yu-Gi-Ohs? Ain’t nobody playin’ no Yu-Gi-Ohs no more.
Some played out ass shit.

All the illest cats are down with Magicks: The Faggening.

I use to play this competitively during the chaos times. Man did I love chaos emperor dragon. My how my BLS:EOTB use to be 40+ but is now around 2 bucks on ebay lol. I still have a needle worm and morphing jar from the tournament packs. Haven’t played since Katrina hit. Still have most of my cards though.

I see …