Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament at Evo?


Who wants to battle?

Bring your deck and I’ll bring mine and we’ll see who really has the heart of the cards.

If there isn’t a tournament who wants to play for money, let’s do this.

I’ll beat you worse than Yugi beat Marik a couple weeks back.

Only rule I can think of is no japanese promo cards cause they’re too overpowering.


HAHAHAHAHHA omg too good. :D.


P.S. What type of deck do you have, and what type of theme?? And do you use the Chaos deck? Or the Beat down deck? And who’s your main attacker??


OMG… well it is a free country… just don’t let spac or ESC see ya doing this at evo…they’ll rape you and leave ya for dead somewhere far-away … my advice keep it on the DL

wow! … look this card has FIVE-THOUSAND hitpoints


Just make sure the timing doesnt interfere with my gay ass pounding tournament…oh wait same thing basically, never mind.


i run a exodia/manticore deck:D


Nigga fuck that exodia shit

Machine deck BITCH!:evil: :eek: :smiley:




FUCK y0 limiter removals

Fuck y0 jinzo

Fuck y0 spell canceler

ill cards of safe return+ manticore that shyt



I personally wouldn’t like to tell, mostly because I like the element of surprise. Yu-Gi-Oh is a big mental game and if people know what kind of deck I’m packing then it eliminates mystery and I could get counter-decked. Why I keep three decks and choose a random one to participate with, I’m confident that all three of my decks could win and add in the fact that people don’t know which one I’m using makes it so much better.


your forgetting my Drillagos, Machine King, Barrel Dragon, but for the most part you were right:lol:

and random cards in there like yara, fiberjar , etc, etc thats all I can say for now lol


Yea rsigley, your right, but since I won’t be bringing my deck, I’ll let ya’ll know what i have. My deck isn’t totally Warrior themed, but a lot of my attackers are warrior, and my main hitter is a warrior. Anyway, here’s my cards.

Monsters 22

Chaos Soldier
Chaos Magician
3 Goblin Attack Force
2 Spear dragons
Vampire Lord
3 Don Zaloogs
2 Marauding Capt.
Fiber Jar
Cyber Jar
Exiled Force
Witch of the Black Forest
DD Warrior Lady

Spell 12-

Harpy Feather Sweep
Graceful Charity
Premature Burial
Monster Reborn
Change of Heart
Swords of Revealing Light
United we Stand
2 Mystical Space typhoons
Dimension Fusion
Snatch and Steal

Traps 8-

Call of the Haunted
Imperial Order
Mirror Force
Raigeki Break
Solemn Judgement
Spell Shield Type-8
2 Waboku

total 42 cards. I haven’t played much of Yu-gi since I barely hang out with my friends that really plays this game since I got them converted to FF online ; ;.



Wow man your deck is kinda messed up, if chaos soldier =black luster soldier - envoy of the beginning. then i dunno how the hell you ever get to summon him. Why?

because you have only 3 light monsters (not including b.luster), no sangan (wtf?), no painful choice ( you will need it ), no pot of greed:wtf: , plus you have yata with no hand destruction spell cards. try to get forceful sentury, delinquint duo, confiscation. and get more dd’s, get rid of your gilasaurus(good for catipult turtle deck). get a few more light monsters.

other than that your straight, but take out dark magician of chaos (he’s only good for magician deck)


hehe Yea I don’t have Forceful Sentry and Delinquent Duo or Confiscation. Though I have my PoG in my side deck. the only dark monster i have there is the witch and vampire lord, but of course I won’t sacrifice vampire lord for chaos (and yes it’s the evoy of the beginning soldier). I’m thinking of taking out Cyber for another dark monster, but we’ll see. I dunno really. I might change Gil though, might be a dark or a light depending. Got any suggestions?? Also I like Chaos magician cause his effect is cheap like that, but we’ll see, like i said I haven’t played in so long, just that I keep up with the new cards and shit (I trade alot for some reason :confused: )







what if i have a proxy? (aka: im too cheap to buy my own cards so ill make my own)