fuck this match, first of all…

so, i was playin nestor, and he decided to go offense vs. me, instead of running away like me…and i was like, “aaaa stop, i can’t react.” granted i have 0 experience with the match, but, i found i couldn’t react, or scrub my way out like when i use ken…ssoooooooo…that’s it.

watch the vids after TGA posts them…should be in a couple days…lol, view it as a what not to do…as in, don’t not parry random divkicks and rush punches:sweat:

,…i think there’s one match where it looks like i solved the problem, and beasted…then i lost it…3-0,
but it was good practice, i wasn’t sweatin that match as hard as i should’ve…cause i own chun and ken freeeeee:looney: :looney: :arazz: :sweat:

quick Q:
after you block an early divekick(YU v YU remember), is it safe to mash on feirce(close fierce)??? i ask for 2 reasons, 1. cause it stops the guy from jumping up after landing, and 2. you have frame advantage after blocking the early divekick…early=when it hits your head…or should i just jump away with UB+strong all night???

hatehatehate on hold, no drama

Try (close) st. forward.

damn son this is to good you made a thread yun vs yun… dat itis is to good

the better yun wins.

naw the person who knows the match up better wins in this one

whoever ate more hot sauce wins

spread the itis!:looney: :rofl:

on some real shit, i think the only part of this match i don’t get is when both yuns wanna attack…that sounds pretty stupid but, since the air game is so crazy, it turns into a random fest in my mind.

i’m thinkin bout using RH dragon kicks a lot more now. The range on those kicks is nice. not even EX VERSION, just normal ones.

anyway, basically, i’m trying to see if anyone knows how to fight this match without jumpin around like a rabbit…i hate that 2 rabbit fight, i mean, i can do it, but, it never feels right imo…whatever.

s.forward, i give it a try.

I don’t have much experience in Yun vs Yun. That said, from watching other Yun vs Yun, it seems that the winner is usually the one who can shut down the other players GJ. I’ve seen both K.O and Issay grab people out of their GJ or ex shoulder the other player while they are in GJ. I’ve been trying to get some of my friends to pick up Yun so I could learn more about the matchup.

ya, I’m the only yun player at the arcade, so, i never play that match…those NY players do it all the time, so, now i’m slightly worried about sbo quals…but makoto chun and ken will die.:arazz:

i play against a yang now and then, and in terms of just zoning, the match is the same as yu v yu.

i’ve been using close s.strong after early blocked divekicks now, because it recovers so fast and comes out so fast, so if the guy divekicks me then goes up to do another one, i’ll have recovered in time to parry.
s. forward i sjust as good.

i watched that vid of you and nestor and both you need to learn to block low on wake up there is no reason to ever not block low there are only 2 things he can do off overheads meaty hop kick st.short,lunge or meaty/max range uoh st.short lunge