Yu Yu Hakusho Final-Tutorials and Reviews for Retro fighters


I Really enjoy a lot of retro fighters that it seems like a lot of people dont really in my area and In hopes of getting more people involved in the games I enjoy have made a few tutorials and reviews for games that dont really get the shine they deserve.

Does anyone here play yu yu hakusho final for Snes? Have you even herd of it?


If you haven’t check out my retro reviews on my channel and here is a example of some the breakdowns that I do on my channel


But really Who does play Yu Yu hakusho Final I would like to get some matches in with people who understand the game :slight_smile:


Here is some competitive play between myself and my teamate shomyi With commentary as the fights rages on!



Love old, obscure Fighting games. SNES was a treasure chest full of them. One unique Fighter was another YYH, but fights looked like anime. Can’t remember whatit was called.





Yup thats the one!! Love that game! Maybe I will do a few one this as well! Yu Yu Hakusho 2 is another one as well


game is over all nice. I know teh game has alot of redizzy combos but how many of them can be done mid screen as most seem to only be corner,


Ah, yes, that’s the one. Lord, I wish I knew Japanese.