Yuba City/Marysville, anyone?

There’s a thread that was created, but it hasn’t been updated since December of last year. Anyone up for anything? lol

It hasn’t been updated because the only people that really play regularly are my friend and I. I’m moving back next week. What games do you play?

Just Marvel 3, I’m very new to the whole “fighting game scene”, it’s pretty much the first fighting game I’ve tried to learn the mechanics of, etc. I don’t have anything against SF, I’ve just never played it any more than casually.

You ever meet DaWhiteShadow? Anyways, hit this thread up after evo and we’ll definitely be down for some games.

where do people around here usually play at? and what games?

Around here I just play at my friends house. We play AE and MvC3. I’m always willing to learn new games though.