Yugioh avatar

Can someone please make me a yugioh avatar prem. size. I’d like yami yugi not little yugi.


I hate to say it…but…

you won’t get far with out a pic you want people to work with

Google Image Search = Your friend


Thanks StuartHayden



:tup: :wonder: :tdown:

That actually looks pretty dope.

You’re a beast, SAM! :rofl:


I hope they make a Yu-Gi-Oh game with the Eye of Judgment equipment… but probably not… but I’m still excited anyway. And yeah that sig looks sweet Sas!


Thats some funny shit yo. :rofl:

:sad: But the Mike Chaos Av is Too hilarious. He has the Stick of Sauron and everything.

Just kidding man. Its about time for a change. The one that Sasmata made is really fitting for you.

That yami yugi av is greatness.

thank you