Yugioh Discussion Thread- Rabbits make you Salty


Went through 5 pages and no thread.

I’m sure some fighting game folks here play the Yugis. Stop denying it. You go to your locals every weekend and juice da kiddies for extra cash. Stop hiding folks.

Also if you want to play online, there’s always duelingnetwork.com

Yeah, discuss.


Search harder. The thread’s not on the first 5 pages and hasn’t been posted in since 2010 because everyone hates yugioh around here :arazz:


Ouch. It would be best to keep this thread though.

Necrobumping is against the rules like 99% of other forums, I assume.

From what I saw in said forums, people were not playing cause the format was dumb, and that was a pretty balanced format.


Nope, posting in old threads is cool here.