Yukiko Amagi - Dia

Is it even worth it? I’ve been asking myself this question for a while now. I have been a big fan of Yukiko since starting this game and I do feel she has serious potential to be a top contender. Though over the last week or so I have been trying to incorporate her move Dia which if held heals you. I feel like this could be seriously utilized but havn’t found much online towards people pursuing this move in combos. Its biggest flaw to me at the moment is the rate at which you heal, obviously if it were faster than what it is currently this character would be broken though this is not the case. The rate at which she heals, or at least begins to heal seems to be too long of a period of time for it to be properly utilized. Has anyone in the community noticed this or have thoughts on it?

Dia has some good utility, but you have to be careful when you bust it out. You can’t just go full screen and expect to get half your life back, that’s dumb. If somebody’s in close, Dia can be handy to knock them off you and get some space, almost like a free burst that deals a little damage and can be reused.

You’re only gonna want to try and regain health with Dia if you’re using its secondary property, which is invulnerability to all projectiles. When your opponent spams some long projectile attack from full screen (think narukami or akihiko using maziodyne to try and catch you sleeping, or elizabeth, or a whole bunch of instant kills), you can hit dia during the startup of those, let it ride the entirety of the animation, and get a good chunk of life back. If you’re lucky, it’ll be orange life and not yellow.