Yun AA options

until recently, i was just jumping up a lot when i didn’t have meter, or walking under and throwing or AAing with s.forward. I thought those were my only options.
Now I understand the significance of f.feirce.
Say you’re poking, and you’re not quite sure when they’ll jump so walking close to them to get into s.fwd range might get you swept, and jumping up will only give them time to advance their position on you…dash under dp/super. what can you do?
I’ve started crossing them up when they jump with the forward feirce because you can be farther from them to hit them with it.
basically, you can be outside of d.fwd range. and you don’t have to guess. when you see the jump, just press it. yun moves forward really fast when he does this move and doesn’t stay standing, he kinda half-ducks, so it kills early jump ins like hugo splash or dudley RH or urien RH. And it totally beats cross ups!!!
the range would be the same as if yun had a DP.
plus it’s harder to parry cause it’s cross up.

here’s my list of AA ranges.
Jumping up feirce, a lot of range.
Jumping up RH, middle range-far range…really it’s dependant on what they’re doing.
S.Fwd, need to be right under them.
F.feirce, “dp” range, further back than s.fwd
D.RH. This can be done, it takes timing, but it will effectively beat Hugo’s far jumping roundhouse, and dudley’s far jumping feirce. needs more range than j.feirce…essentially, you’re hitting them with your foot. can’t connect s.rh after it though.

i think this actually makes yun effective on the ground without meter, or atleast, will give you more time to charge meter, instead of frantically running into the corner, you can walk your way back to the corner and feel confident doing it.

c.strong is your friend walk back a step make them land on it combo into dp lk and if they parry it you can activate and combo afterwards since they’re still in the air

I have a bad habit using his dragon kicks as a psychic AA, mainly to land the second hit only.

Depending on range and the strength of the kick you use you can follow up juggle with a jab lunge if far away, cr.strongxshort dragon kick if you land under them, or if you have meter and at the same distance cr.strongXGJ, jab lunge to catch them before they fall starting a GJ juggle.

It’s become natural for me to do it but not the most safe thing in the world, plus his kick is easily stuffed by a lot of jumping attacks:wasted:

I say don’t use F.Fierce when you’re not in corner, sometimes it might be hard to aim, and if it doesn’t hit, you’re screwed.

But I do do it when I’m in the corner and a shoto’s doing a jump in or attempting a cross-up, it’s real good, you can follow up with a lunge afterwards as well.

I use it too much, bleh.

I wouldnt say using the DP’s is a bad habit because then you can see the level of your opponent if they can parry it or not. If they cant parry it because of the funky timing then use it…I know i do…then I always mix it up with my other options such as f+fp and the other things that are listed here.

Q-How many people have you all seen parry the F+Fp in midair on their back???

I know I havent seen ANYONE DO IT FROM MIDAIR…only from the ground.

bacardi has done it to me if he did on purpose or not who knows

Usually understanding the spacing for his f. fierce is a great trait. Random upkicks can fuck you up, anticipate the jump in with a short.