Yun ...and his shadowy clone army

#1 one is a little more static than most of the one’s for the book, but I hope it still get’s across that it’s Yun.


I like the idea behind this, but your instinct is right – it’s hard to tell that it’s Yun. The frontal pose mean you can’t make out he’s wearing a cap. What if the 2 shadows behind him were angled slightly so we could see his cap and his plaited hair? Do you think that might work?


That’s a damn good idea! Why didn’t you tell me this before i started! :wink: I’m going to try that out this weekend, I’ll post the edits. thanks a million!


Looking pretty good! I think the biggest issue for me is that the values of the tan and the yellow are very close. If you were to greyscale the image they’d probably be close to the same. I’d knock the yellow back by picking a darker value and it’ll pop Yun off the page similar to how his legs appear.