Yun And Yang Pavement art

For those of you that missed it in Dev art here it is:


Thats mad cool :clap:

That is so awesome that if I ever see that on the streets, I’d straight away take a pic of it.

And maybe draw some genitals on their crotches.


HEY WTF I just checked your deviant page and you actually did a JOTARO PAVEMENT ART?! ANd you didn’t post that here!!! AAAarrr!!! That is so cool!

<-- Big Jojo fan.

Whoah that IS cool! :tup: I like it!

I’ve seen your JoJo art on your site man. it’s helluva good. I’m a huge fan too. Thanks for all the great feedback it was my first piece for the festival in the beautiful southern mountian town of Wanaka New Zealand. I did a huge Chun Li VS Gill piece in Hamburg germany but forgot my camera.

I’ve put up the JoJo art now. Feel free to check it out.

Thanks for all the cheery feedback guys. Much appreciated! :smiley: