Yun and Yang's palms!


I made a funny video a few weeks back, but it has recently been blowing up. It’s been getting pretty good feedback. check it out and let me know what you think.


Ey!, is that falcon punch video with the twins!

How original!


^^ Was about to say that lol.


It might be overused, but I would’ve preferred this to the Guile theme.


I dislike this thread.


I also dislike this thread.


2,800 views and its blowing up


this little whiner had his replay shown at the ending of liangs funny and cool moments and he crys about it being stollen.

check the burried comment.


That move in particular doesn’t have much use besides doing a bit of chip damage on wake up. That aside don’t really give a crap anymore and as long as there isn’t half a roster of charge characters I’m bond to find at least one character I’d like in other games.


These guy took it too serious.