Yun Anti DWU Oses



I did this for cody and my OCD had me do it for yun as well.

Scenario: normal wake up safe jump… “technical” Oh Shi… lol i have an os for that.

Anti Delay Wakeup OSes [4 frame safe jumps]
Cr MP –safe vs ex messiah [11 frame] I think it should be safe vs 9 framers but ex headbut wiffs and I don’t know of any 9 or 10 frame invincible till startup reversals
Cl MK [1-2 frame gap | Use when you have U1 stocked]
EX Tenshin – Beats anything but jump/backdash/reversal

Usefull for
Forward throw, Dash, Dash, wiff st lp, NJ mk
U1 air juggles when you have no followup. Neutral jump wiff normal, wiff far FP, Jump forward MK.
Only a knobhead would DWU a backthrow so i didnt even think about that.

Remember when you os doing an OS block generally increases the time before your os comes out. Whatever you buffer during landing recovery frames comes out the second you are done. It is possible to OS block for the 4 frames you cant act then input a frame perfect os… but its just not likely.
If you just do the OS without the block OS this is the fastest timing it will come out. if you block os you may make the frame trap a bit larger