Yun Av Request


Hey you guys, I’ve seen a lot of avatar request as a individual thread and decided to make av request thread, starting with a request.

I ask that someone do something with the SF3:3S character Yun, I would prefer something funny and something that either shines glows or moves with PhilboiSRK on it anti- premium sized please and when I do get premium I will make my own thanks and request away avatar seekers.:looney:


Unless you plan on creating and distrubuting your avatars for others please don’t address this as the official av request thread.When the time comes there will be an official av request thread.

tl;dr please rename.


The Official AV request thread…2.0? Looks like a single av request to me. =/


Changed it.If you feel as though you want to get the ball rolling on an official thread I’d be more than happy to help/sticky and all that fun stuff


What I was going for people asking what they wanted to get out of there avatars in here and the av people could give them what they want.

But yeah I would like some help