Yun basics

Ok so i wanna learn some Yun as an alternate player to my Urien whats basics and stuff do i need to get down ? any little combos pointers are all welcome :wonder:

no one willin to help a bro :sad:

Umm…don’t want to leave you hangin’ so here’s what I can contribute (though I must say, I’m not an avid Yun user).

Genei Jin is the Super Art of choice
-It builds meter really quickly
-If used to its fullest potential it beats out all of Yun’s other SA’s (in other words: Juggle)

For character specific Genei Jin combos, there’s a whole thread dedicated to it in this forum so that’s THE place to look (random combos are alright but if you want the ‘fullest potential’ of Genei Jin then that’s the place to go).

You should also head over to and watch the Tougeki Finals video. It’s about 35 minutes and features about 30-40% Yun footage. I learned a couple of useful tricks watching it so you should definetly check that out.

Not really giving you tips but it’s better than nothing. Hope that helps in some way. I’m sure other people (who know what they’re talking about, unlike me) will chime in soon. Good luck.

i’ve seen KO as well as some others use this in the corner but i can’t get it to work. when yun’s facing the corner and has activated gj: command grab s. mk walk forward, palm then lunge punch. or if opponent’s in corner and blocking, command grab s. mk dash under palm etc. my problem is i don’t see how they can link the s. mk from the c. grab. the timing is difficult, i’ve only been able to connect this once or twice.

AFAIK that only works on Chun, Makoto and Q.

this is gonna sound pretty noobish, but how the hell do you do the 2 punch combo in the air with yun?

Yun’s air chain is LP, f+HP.

Yun’s game (like everybody else’s) is based around landing a superart. The ideal way is thru his target chain (LP,LK,MP,shoulder). Watch some Pyrolee or KO vids, those guys are sick. ALl you need to learn really is:

Air dive kick mixup

Genjin combos

Kara palms (fucking bitches)

Kara command throw

Those are all I can think of. Yun isn’t a good character to have as a secondary. You have to work hard to learn alot of hard shit.

Kara palms aren’t necessary and not really worth doing, if anything learn his kara command grab. Also practice gj mixups and make sure you can launch into a juggle after landed pokes.

Stay away from too much jab short strong shoulder, it scales GJ to hell and most (good) people will eventually parry a shoulder in a block string and beat the shit out of you. Use it on hit only if you need that last bit of meter to activate.

Jab Short Strong XX GJ is alot better.

One of the problems I had while learning him was learning to space dive kicks + learning when to go for dive -> jab short strong or when to go for dive -> st.Short -> Lunge punch.

It pays to know your dive kicks – people will throw you (or worse) on weak dive kick attempts.

Alot of people like to try and jump in then parry his c.strong as anti air. Punish those by cancelling it into twin kick.

Learn your GJ combos in tiers. First learn the default one that works on shotos/makoto/etc, then touch up on the tighter ones or the extra damage ones (Urien ender, dudley hop hop palm doesnt work too good so you have to change it up, Q/Hugo you can do hop palm hop palm hop palm ender, etc. Theres a GJ thread in the archives that has most of the combos down)

Know what options you have in your matchups – command grab options are probably the first thing to learn. Q/Makoto/Chun you can do command grab -> st forward -> Juggle of choice. Shotos you usually have to settle for Command grab -> c.Strong -> Lunge or similar, Dudley you can do the tight command grab walk up jab short strong XX whatever.

I had alot of problems with understanding his pokes. I’d get beat out alot by random Ken crouch strong and since that hit confirms to super well it sucks.

I kind of have to agree with Yun not being too good of a secondary character, you really have to sort of bear down and play him repeatedly and youre going to lose alot to better players when starting out cause of the execution requirements.

Here’s a REALLY simply question… What are Yun’s Anti-Airs? and also, would you start up Genei-jin if your away from opponent?

Jump up fierce
Jump up roundhouse
towards + fierce (you cross up under opponent)
walk under X dp+rh (against empty jump & parry)
walk back & punish

That’s about it. Yun’s doesn’t really excel in anti-airing but it’s decent enough.

As activating: If you feel like it then why not.

do xx LK dragon kicks, dont use the hk version… and yea he isnt the best when it comes to anti-air… but walk under, chain xx GJ rocks vs people who dont have a crossup =) And you can cancel into GJ if you have meter, if they didnt parry you can hit them with a light lunge punch, if they did parry*, just try whatever…, works best for me

*You reset them with the, so they can parry the lunge punch

Thanks DooM and Das_Lynx! Any of you have good pokes for Yun? Also, what is the best way to set up your opponent for geni-jin?

How should you play w/ Yun to stay safe?

The safest, most effective and also the “boring as hell” playstyle would be to just run away and charge meter (whiffing is magic) for GJ activations.

Setting it up… Activate on knockdown and start pressure. Set up a chain and combo into GJ. Cross-up dive kicks are nice. Or just cancel into it from a poke. There’s really pretty many ways to set it up safely. You just have to improvise according to your opponent and of course, the situation.

Lately I’ve been repping meaty XX GJ,, f+fierce/Palm but the timings a bitch (activation -> is a 1 frame link, I believe). Still, it’s nice to know since it’s a full GJ combo out of a low hitter.

And thank for the correction, DooM. I always though I was supposed to use rh kickies.

Thanks Das_Lynx

Also, what are some good pokes to learn?

The coolest thing about this is when you play against good players, they know this string and will down parry anticipating you missing the link.

Once you can “feel” it’s not going to combo you can switch it up with command grab and fuck them up. It’s awesome.

It happens. That’s still a risk I’m willing to take once in a while. At least it makes my timing more consistent.

It’s actually not that hard to tell if you’re going to miss the link after doing it repeatedly for some time in matches – if you cancelled too late the link wont combo. Getting that feel makes this much better cause if you know youre going to miss there are so many ways to punish that down parry attempt and even if they dont try for it command throw will beat almost anything they could do.

When I active genei jin in the corner while the other guy is waking up, should I be caution about parry or SA?