Yun changes question

For Yun:

Anyone care to speculate on the significance of this? I suppose it means that now Yun might be able to combo into new moves after a divekick, but Yang received a very similarly worded nerf so I thought it might be a mistranslation.

I think the net result is going to be 0 since they added 2 frames of landing recovery to the dive kick. I’m thinking the +2 on hit or block is just to offset that.

I read through the changes again, and it seems only Yang has the extra 2 frames of landing recovery, while Yun has increased block stun and hit stun. It seems odd that they would nerf Yang’s dive kick, but not Yuns, so I thought that maybe there is a mistranslation here. But I still can’t see where Capcom added 2 frames of landing recovery to Yun’s dive kicks (although it is listed for Yang). Am I mistaken here?

Yeah, it’s in the first set red text in the list of changes to Yun.



the hitstun on his divekick is currently ass, since they’re making a height restriction like yangs, they’ve increased the hit/blockstun to compensate.

Have the exact height restrictions been placed?

From the two changes to dive-kicks (and what I remember from AE 2012 footage), the dive-kick is most likely going to require more accuracy - if an opponent can space themselves just out of range, it’s likely that they can time an LP in order to begin a punish combo. However, if you watch the first match here [[media=youtube]e7jSxtJ2CxQ[/media], you can see Kazunoko do a counter cross-over light dive-kick into a target combo, but he doesn’t capitalize after that. If there’s more footage of divekicking Yuns, it would be appreciated.