Yun Character Specific Combos and Setups + General Knowledge [Dropbox Folder]



Yun is relegated to a char that while i still play, i am not planing to main nor find/update tech. I guess im a criminal and foot fetishist for life [juri, cody]

Edit: Here is the google doc link for the yun doc:

I have enabled anyone with the link to edit it [aka you guys]. do whatever you want.

Here is my yun folder for all the stuff i know up to the point of my last update. I move stuff around in dropbox and this is the most stable link i can produce.


Man, this is awsome! What a write up!!!


I’m glad my post is helping people [at least 4 lol].

Yun Challenge
Forward throw, WHATEVER TIMINGS YOU WANT BUT YOU MUST BE EXPECTING A DELAYED WAKE UP, [4 frame delay wake up safe jump after a forward throw]

it should only involve…

  1. Dashes [buffer window]
  2. Jumps [neutral/or forward or backwards]
  3. Jumps+wiffed normals [to invoke the 4 frames of landing recovery]
  4. Wiffed Specials [buffer window especially when double tapped]
  5. Wiffed normals [plinkable]
    *no walking/pausing.

I want to avoid manual timing if possible.
Check this out if if you still don’t get what i mean:
Look at DWU safe jumps compared to normal safejumps. Notice how the DWU Safejumps all have timed “stuff i listed above.” The normal safejumps are manually timed.
IT MUST BE FRAME PERFECT. aka if you hit all of your inputs on the first possible frame it works

**Extra Credit: Find on post ultra 1 setup. **

These are the only 2 hard knockdowns yun has that are relevant and letting people mash DWU even when you know they will do it is unacceptable. If you read it you should have a solution.

I tossed my attempts that i had written down in the trash… so that was my bad.
I was within one frame with Goldilocks status
too fast, too slow, but never just right… “badum Tshhh”.
I never found a perfect setup unlike for cody… I found a frame perfect setup for Every single one of his HKD’s

This shit has been bothering me at a fundamental level as i have never gotten so close but failed and my compulsion wont let it go.
One frame too much and one frame to little is a slap in the face. I WILL figure it out but im working on my juri for the next little bit so i hope someone can figure it out.


I’ve taken a look, and I’ll contribute a whole lot of information in a couple of weeks.

I’ve been swamped with work stuff so I haven’t been testing or footage watching much.

I’ll also try this challenge too. I don’t know too much about the frames and stuff, so I’d need some help with it probably.


Poison, cr.strong,, ex lunge, ultra 1. Works anywhere on screen and does 451 for 1 bar.


Nice that pretty sick. drop an second bar on ex shoulder and its a cool 502. Added it. Thanks


This is really good info…I cant wait until the video is released :wink: Since the addition of red focus does anyone even bother using Genei Jin?


Is there any data for how long Yuns hard knock downs last for? e.g. I do Yun forward throw on Ryu. How many frames are there from the time Yun is able to walk to the first frame Ryu can reversal? With standard character wake up time (hence Ryu as the example.

Not sure if anyone has done the math and put it in a spreadsheet somewhere, but that would be really useful.


Not sure. Dash, Dash, wiff st close lp, Neutral jump mk hits on the first frame your opponent wakes up since it is a 4 frame safe jump.

I know the srk wiki has dash times and i believe it has neutral jump frames and i know it has cl lp’s frame.

[Total frames before your opponent can act] = [forward dash frames]*2 + [st lp total frames] + [(total neutral jump frames)-1]

also remember that 4 frames start up 4 frames active 4 frames recovery is 11 frames total as the first active frame is the last start-up frame

Good luck. Im to lazy to look all that up so its all you lol


Yeah I don’t mind compiling this. I’ll break out the recording software and do manual frame counting. Should be more accurate as a base to work from.


3 files in that rar show as corrupted: yun, char specific setups and char specific combos.
And both links at the end of the guide are dead, but I guess that what the rar was for.


fixed it. thanks idk why those files were added